Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Flog It came to Essex

Today Flog It came to Essex and what a day i have had!!! 

Joy my friend, and i arrived at Layer Marney Tower at around 9.45 am the venue for the day. We joined the long queue of people also laden with their treasured possessions in the hope for a high valuation in order to go to auction on the 20th August at Stacy's Auctioneers Rayleigh.

Joy and i slowly moved along the queue until we eventually were seated in the first waiting area in the shade of old ancient tree. This was welcomed as the sun was getting very hot.
Here we sat, people watching, until we gradually moved along the very long queue to the next waiting area. By then it was midday and we were facing the full sun and the temperature was rising.

Almost 3 hours later and very hot we arrived at the valuation tables. Eagerly i unwrapped my 3 items to be told that two of my them were of no interest, but the third one they liked very much. I was told to get further advise from the British Museum in London as it was a specialist item.   
During our visit we met Paul Martin famous for presenting Flog It and two experts Philip Serrell and Elizabeth Talbot.

I was over the moon when Paul allowed me to have my photo taken with him and also be given his autograph.

It was a lovely memorial day which i enjoyed very much and i have the photo and autograph to show for it.  
 Paul Martin's autograph..

 Paul on camera.
 Paul mingling with the people.. Such a lovely friendly person..
 Me waiting  in the cool of the ancient tree...

 Me with Paul.. Oh what i would give to be thirty again!!!!!
 Joy with Paul Martin. 

 Paul Martin . Love those pink trousers.

 Philip Serrell giving a valuation and looking very hot.
 Elizabeth Talbot on camera.
 Me with two experts.
This the item they liked. I bought it in a charity shop ,

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Great News

 Hi all you lovely bloggers out there. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather we are experiencing at the moment.
 It looks like we are going to be lucky for it to last over the weekend. So i am looking forward to spending some time out in the sunshine taking lots of photos.

This week i had some great news....... I had passed my photography  City and Guilds level 1 with an overall Merit. So with all my hard work paid off i am now on the road to producing good photos....Well! hopefully....
My Theme was Life on The Water Ways.

Here are my six photos i produced for my assignment.

  I have now got the opportunity to do the level 2 City and Guilds for which i am seriously considering. Looks like i am a glutton for punishment..........