Saturday, 29 January 2011

Textile Fair

This was my first ever visit to a vintage textile fair. It was held at the Warner Textile Archive in Braintree Essex. The doors opened at 11.00am to a large crowd of people who like me were looking for old vintage textiles. Also on display were textiles from the Warner archives and arts and craft.

This was one of my favourite I loved the pattern and the striking colours

 This print was used for the poster i think it looks great.

 This collection of silk threads were used in the textile world.

 A collection of brightly coloured prints
                                                                                                I purchased these pieces of vintage quilting.  I think i will make them into pincushions.

This book of samples gave a good record of vintage textiles.

More lovely prints.                        
I purchased a stamp similar to one of these in the shape of a leaf.

I loved this silk scarf, but didn't like the price.

 Love the striking shapes in these photos
 I had a lovely time at the Textile Fair and came away with lots of ideas and enthusiasm to have a go at block printing. I would like to visit the museum again, but not when the fair is on.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Looking back

 At our monthly Contemporary Craft workshop on Wednesday Julie, who is  a very talented artist/crafts person spoke about the foundling museum in London. The foundling museum tells the story of the hospital which was the first home for abandoned children. These children were often left only with the clothes they wore and sometimes a small toy or piece of cloth to remind them of their past..  ( for more information.
Julie set us all a target to represent something from our past. She gave us samples of her work to use.

This started me into thinking about what i had to show from my past, so armed with my camera i searched my house for memorabilia.
 This is a photo of me and my identical twin sister. I think i am the one on the left.

My birth certificate, identity card, school report and confirmation certificate.

 My dad made the cot for my rosebud doll and teddy. These were my special toys.

 I love these fifties books they were given to me by my gran which i treasure dearly.

Muffin the mule has only three legs . He lost one years ago, but i just couldn't throw him away. The book has several stories about Muffin.

 My old scrap book is a bit worse for wear now, but after all if must be over fifty years old

I found this picture in my scrap book which i think i painted when i was about ten. SUCH A LONG TIME AGO!!!

 I wore this mini dress in the sixties. If you look closely at the small photo you can see me in it. Crimpoline was the height of fashion then.

 My wedding dress still looks good, but sadly it doesn't fit me now like it did in 1971.

These were the tools of my trade when i left school to be an apprentice hairdresser.

 These small kid gloves belong to my dad who is the small child in the photo. I wonder if his mum would have left the gloves with him if she had abandoned him at the foundling hospital.
I can just about remember wearing this small woollen scarf I not sure how old i was then.

I consider myself very lucky to be born into a family who were able to love and cherish me. I have lovely memories and mementos of my past, but feel very sad for those children from the foundling hospital who had nothing to show for their past.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First signs of Spring

After Blue Monday, which was said to be the most depressing day in the month of January, I decided to search for signs of Spring to cheer me up. Whilst wandering around my garden i was delighted to find several plants coming into flower.

 I found these snowdrops in a sheltered position at the bottom of my garden. We only have three different species, but i understand there are hundreds.

I love Primula's they are my favourite Spring flower.They come in lots of colours and look good growing in my borders

Daisies grow well in our lawn. I love to make Daisy chains with them and hang them round my neck, that's if I'm quick enough, before my husband cuts the lawn.

These old fashioned violets grow in large clumps around an old dead tree.They look like a carpet of blue when they are in full bloom.

The flower of the blue flag is protected by its spiky foliage. I found this one in my flower border.

I love the Spring! when every thing comes alive after the depths of the winter. In fact all the seasons are special !!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

A bird in a million

Mrs Hen is a bird in a million. She was the last of five eggs to hatch out in the incubator last June. Her brothers and sister were fine, but she was born with deformed legs so was unable to walk about like them. However she does use her wings when she needs to move about.

Mrs Hen is unable to live with her family because of her disability so we take care of all her needs. At night she sleeps in a box in our kitchen with Tilly the jack Russell and during the day she lives either in the green house or when the weather is fine she goes out in the garden.

 She makes cooing sounds when she's happy and squawk's when she upset. She loves company and music.

We have grown to love her as a family pet. So as long as she continues to keep well and happy we will continue to love and look after her.

Old and New

This old felt bag was made by me some years ago, for some reason it was one of those things i just couldn't part with. It is full of moth holes, but i just love the shape of it. After seeing dls bag on her blog  i decided to reincarnate mine. I  used red and white stripe fabric and the Suffolk Puffs i made for my last post.

  For the circular pattern i used a large breadboard
 and paper triangles for the outer shape. I used some old thick fabric for the base to give a more sturdier feel.

The two shapes i sewed together, leaving a small space to turn the right way and machine round the edge.

This shows the inside of the bag.

The almost finished bag, just sewing the Suffolk Puffs on the triangles.

The finished bag. I used some red lace edging for the pull strings .
I was very pleased with my bag, but i still won't throw the old one away.  It is a memory of my past!       Over some fifty years.!!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Buttons and Suffolk Puffs

In my February issue of Country Living i read an article about craft and companionship, where four crafts women shared their knowledge and taught each other skills. One of those skills was how to make a Suffolk Puff. I had never heard of one until then.!With this in mind i searched my local charity shops and found some lovely buttons and fabric and had a go at making some.

These are the buttons and material i found in the charity shops. I just love looking for anything to do with sewing.

It gave me great pleasure sorting through them looking for ones to use.  I found a large glass jar to store them in.

I found instructions on how to make a Suffolk Puff on Google.

       From this hand made women's bodice pictured in a nineteenth century fashion book. I was inspired by the colour combination of red, cream and pink to make my puffs. 

I made two large and two small puffs them sewed the small one on top of the large one, finishing them off with a pink button on the top.

The finished Suffolk Puffs

 I'm not sure what to do with them.

 Any Ideas?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A sunny winters walk to blow away the cobwebs

Our walk started at Heybridge Basin.

Tilly my little Jack Russell took the lead along the tow path. She loves to be in charge by showing the way.

The canal looked very calm and tranquil in the winter sun.
                                                                               My daughter and I struggled to pick our way through the muddy pathway. Note my daughters white trainers.

Maldon estuary with the tide out.

While looking for some flotsam I came across this lovely piece of wood. It is now in my garage waiting for me to do something creative with it.

Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!

We passed this wreck, destined to spend it's last days gradually sinking further into the muddy grave yard.

                                           Photos of the flotsam that i found along the estuary.
                                                              I just love days like this.