Monday, 17 January 2011

Old and New

This old felt bag was made by me some years ago, for some reason it was one of those things i just couldn't part with. It is full of moth holes, but i just love the shape of it. After seeing dls bag on her blog  i decided to reincarnate mine. I  used red and white stripe fabric and the Suffolk Puffs i made for my last post.

  For the circular pattern i used a large breadboard
 and paper triangles for the outer shape. I used some old thick fabric for the base to give a more sturdier feel.

The two shapes i sewed together, leaving a small space to turn the right way and machine round the edge.

This shows the inside of the bag.

The almost finished bag, just sewing the Suffolk Puffs on the triangles.

The finished bag. I used some red lace edging for the pull strings .
I was very pleased with my bag, but i still won't throw the old one away.  It is a memory of my past!       Over some fifty years.!!!


  1. This is lovely, I love the shape - the suffolk puffs look lovely on it!x

  2. Linda..... this is wonderful.... I see you have used the those lovely "Suffolk Puffs" .... I knew you would find a good use for them and this is perfect.

    Love that you keep things from your past as do I. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. Have a creative week!


  3. wow i realy love the new bag and the old one two ! i love the colours you have used and the shape of the bag thumbs up from me !!!!

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments.