Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Flickr Badge

Hi all you lovely bloggers out there. Hope you are all well and getting ready for  Christmas !!!!!

Is there anyone who can help me to put a flickr badge on my blog. I am getting so frustrated, i keep trying and it doesn't seem to work. I know i'm not doing it right, but can't seem to understand how to do it. As you can see by my blog i stick to the basic layout as i am not very good with computers. Please someone!! anyone!!  help!!!!!!!

Zombie Heaven.  This how i am feeling all Zombie'd out.......xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Storm clouds and rainbows

I was coming home the other day after a two hour  photography session at my monthly U3A camera club, when i saw some amazing skies. It was raining hard when i left, but as i was nearly home  the sun came out, creating the most beautiful rainbow surrounded by big fluffy rain clouds.
Luckily i had my  camera with me and took these photos. I hope you like them. 

What a magnificent sight.!!!!!!

 I count my blessings that i live in such beauty and am reminded of a children's hymn  i used to sing at Sunday school,                                                     All things bright and beautiful
                                                                All creatures great and small
                                                                All things wise and wonderful
                                                                The Lord God made them all.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Joy back in the Wilks house hold

There is joy back in our hearts again after the loss of Tilly our beloved Jack Russel .
Here is Ruby she is just 8 weeks old and sssoooo cute.
I would like to thank all you kind people who left such lovely words on my last post . They were such a comfort in a time of need and recognition for the loss of Tilly. Thank you so very much  xxxxxxxxxx

Here she is playing hide and seek in this redundant pumpkin.

Ruby is a little tiddler. She is on a toileting training programme, were she goes outside about every hour. However she does make  mistakes,  but after all she's just a puppy.

She seems to like her photo taken. What a little sweetie!!!!!!!

Ruby seems to be attached to my husbands legs. When he is at home she follows him every where.Such a loyal little dog already.
Oh!  i just love her.
Ruby will never take the place of Tilly, but she has taken the pain away and filled the emptiness we were suffering with joy, love and happiness...
I believe she was sent to us for a purpose...!!!!xx