Thursday, 8 November 2012

Joy back in the Wilks house hold

There is joy back in our hearts again after the loss of Tilly our beloved Jack Russel .
Here is Ruby she is just 8 weeks old and sssoooo cute.
I would like to thank all you kind people who left such lovely words on my last post . They were such a comfort in a time of need and recognition for the loss of Tilly. Thank you so very much  xxxxxxxxxx

Here she is playing hide and seek in this redundant pumpkin.

Ruby is a little tiddler. She is on a toileting training programme, were she goes outside about every hour. However she does make  mistakes,  but after all she's just a puppy.

She seems to like her photo taken. What a little sweetie!!!!!!!

Ruby seems to be attached to my husbands legs. When he is at home she follows him every where.Such a loyal little dog already.
Oh!  i just love her.
Ruby will never take the place of Tilly, but she has taken the pain away and filled the emptiness we were suffering with joy, love and happiness...
I believe she was sent to us for a purpose...!!!!xx


  1. Oh Linda !!! Joy of Joys xxxx what a pretty name too x

  2. My dear sweet Linda, I cannot express how very happy I am for you sweetie! Oh, I am in love with Ruby, love her name too! She is so adorable and sweet! You are a beautiful lady and I am so glad to see you smiling! I know that Ruby will never take the place of Tilly, but I am very glad to know that she has taken the pain and emptiness away and filled it with joy, love and happiness! Yes indeed, the Lord sent her to y'all for a purpose! He knew you all needed each other and I know that Tilly is happy about it too!
    Give Ruby a kiss from me. She is as cute as can be! I love the photo of her in the pumpkin! Bless you dear Linda, enjoy your new little baby! Love to you, Paula

  3. Oh my gosh! What a cutie! I am so happy for you and your husband, a new baby in the house!

  4. OMG, Ruby is adorable!! So glad she is helping mend your hearts. x x

  5. Oh how lovely!!! She's so tiny, Molly could wash her with one lick. xJ