Sunday, 23 October 2016

My Super, Duper New Sewing Machine

Ive just bought myself this new Janome sewing machine and i can tell you,  I Love It.

Up until now i have used an old singer machine which was very basic, but did the trick at the time.

So now i have more time on my hands and want to be a bit more adventurous especially with my quilt making this is why i chose this particular machine.
It is fully computerised and does everything, with 402 stitches including numbers and the alphabet to choose from .

It also includes a quilting accessory kit as an extra which i will be using in my quilt and patchwork projects.

Just right for those long, cold, winter days and nights we will shortly be going into.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Motor Home Quilts with a history

I have just finished these two quilts for our motor home .
 Most of the fabric i used was recycled, which included some Laura Ashley 60s curtain material  and an old duvet cover that was my sons when he was a child . He is now nearly forty.
I love the idea of making something from nothing just like they did years ago when quilts were made from used fabric which to me has a history to it.
The pattern i used for the blocks was called A Nine Patch. I pieced it together using my sewing machine and finished off by hand sewing in the ditch to bring out the pattern of the blocks.