Saturday, 30 July 2011

Art, Craft and Vintage Fair

Joan, Julie, Cherry and myself were joined by other creative people like us for an art, craft and vintage fair on Mersea Island. We all arrived an hour before opening to set up our stalls. There were ten stalls in all, I didn't have one myself as i wanted to focus on taking photos for my blog, but i did help out when i was needed, mostly on Cherry's stall as this was her first fair........

 I had a lovely time and met some very artistic and talented people.

Can just spot  Cherry's beloved Churchill the bulldog hiding behind the book and one of her creative toys.....

This Mosaic  lady stood out on one of the stalls. Her owner said she is a one off as she took a long time to make... 

This happy lady goes by the name of Kind Hearts and Coronets......She was a pleasure to know...

A vintage plate full of goodies..

Julie talking to a fellow stall holder Driftwood Designs. As you can see she has used a nautical theme using bunting and shells.

Cherry showing a great interest in  Lesley Mullins work. She goes by the name of Oyster Crafts........Her beach hut door stops were in great demand....

Julie's lovely creative craft work..  She also paints beautiful boats... Her blog name is Mycuriousteaparty

 These cards are from the stall holders . Its so good  to see how different they all are.

This is me helping Cherry on her stall. I just had to show off my new designer glasses.....

Julie made all the bunting. Don't you think it looks great.......How very clever of her..

I thought this would make good reading....

  A mother and daughter team called Treasured and Weathered sold vintage pieces on this table.I bought a mirror and a sewing box from them... 

Joan setting up her table. Her work is a must to be seen....She has a web site called Mad Bird Designs.... 

Dennis was the only male stall holder. He made wooden toys . I love the croc......

Cherry all ready for the opening. Can you spot the bunting I made it specially for her table.

 I had a lovely time meeting other people who have the same in common as me..


  1. Thanks Linda for recording our sale - what a Great Post and getting everyone's names and details xx You look GREAT in your Designer glasses too !!! x it was Great fun and lovely to spend the day with such a Great bunch of people xx

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. How did you make your bunting? How festive!

  3. Yeah Linda you did a great job recording this event!!! You are offically voted our "Press Photographer"!!!! I had a great time.

  4. Thanks Linda great post... I am now on a diet!!!

    Hope you had a good time.. x

  5. Oooooh, this is lovely. Thanks for sharing. x

  6. Beautiful photos ! wish i could have been there :)

  7. Lovely photos ,thankyou for sharing,looks like a wonderful day!xxxxx