Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happy, Happy , Happy

This week my daughter Rebecca and her partner David presented my husband and I with some wonderful news that she was going to have a baby next May . As you can guess we are both delighted with this news as it will be her first at the age of thirty six.

We know Becky and David  will make great parents, especially Becky, as she  has had plenty of practise with her six godchildren. who she has the honour of being for friends and family.

I know its a bit early, but I just had to put my joy and happiness  into making a crotched blanket for this much wanted baby . As we won't know if its going to be a little girl or a little boy until its birth date I have used soft mixed colours .
Becky is fortunate to have Annette, Davids mum, who is also a crafter. She has been busy knitting and crocheting little jackets, a  hat and blanket . I think this little mite will be terribly spoilt as its also Annette's first grand child.

You can all guess what I will be doing this winter.........Crafting for my little grandchild .xxxxxxx  


 Boy or girl ?????