Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Monday, 29 December 2014

An unusual Christmas gift

Every fortnight i visit an elderly lady to do her hair. Her name is Audrey, she is in her late eighties and sadly time is catching up on her. She still manages keeps very positive and cheerful even though she is loosing her sight which is sad to see after leading such an active life.
  I first got to know her when i was an apprentice hairdresser back in the seventies and have been doing her hair ever since. That's 50 years in my calculation as i have just had my 65th birthday.
Over the years we have become good friends supporting one another in the good and bad times and generally putting the world to right.
On my last visit just before Christmas Audrey gave me the most unusual Christmas gift. She said she been sorting out and found this bottle of ALEXANDRE'S SHADEINE for colouring grey hair. She knew i would like it as i am a great fan of anything vintage. 
It has Great Britain stamped on it so i assume it must have been bought around the time of the first world war.
What a great Christmas present  Thanks Audrey  xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Three Little Christmas Angels

Well Christmas is almost here !!! 
The decorations are up , the presents are wrapped and most of the food shopping is done, just got a few last minute jobs to do and i can breath a sigh of relief.

 A Happy Christmas to all you lovely bloggers out there.

From me and my three hand made Christmas Angels.........xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Mums vintage knitting patterns

I was sorting through some old magazines the other day when i came across these vintage knitting patterns. 
I can remember bringing them home a few years ago after my dad died and we had to clear the house. 

They were obviously mums because i found her name and address on one of them. From a young age i can remember her with a pair of knitting needles in her hand either knitting sleeveless pullovers for dad or cardigans for my sister and i . When we left home she knitted for herself and the grand children.

I found not only the fashions of that time fascinating, but also the hairstyles. 

Its funny how fashion of that time has all come back again from fair-isle knitwear to clothes and  hair do's. 

The Women's Weekly was among the patterns, Its dated April 1949 My twin sister and i were born in December of that year at the hand written address, It was probably delivered by a news paper boy.