Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Morning Glory

As i walked down my garden this morning to feed the chickens i had this great feeling of being alive. A warm feeling that Autumn was in the air leaving summer behind until next year.

I don't know about you, but i love this time of the year especially the early mornings like today, where a mist was hovering around the garden leaving a heavy dew in its path. 

I think the robin must have felt the same to as it was extra vocal than usual and  followed me around the garden as i took photos of spiders webs that were spun earlier hoping to catch  something nice and juicy for breakfast.

I grew this Morning Glory for the first time this year. It was one of my dads favourite flowers which he grew every year until his death.
Here is the robin keeping his beady eye on me.

I love how the beads of dew have formed on the spiders webs

A spider waiting for its breakfast
 my spider plants grow well in broken flower pots. 

I think the spider is so clever to spin such beauty......xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Few More Boot sale Bargains.

If anyone asked me what i like to do best i would probably say Car Boot sales. 
I don't know why! I suppose its because i love the feeling it gives me when i find that something that i have been looking for or finding something out of the ordinary that intrigues me.
The searching takes me into another world where i forget all my troubles just for a few hours. 
I suppose you could call it shopping therapy on the cheap and i certainly would recommend it to anyone.
Or maybe i love a bargain and i come tell you i have had a few of those. 
Here are some of my resent finds.
 I am always on the look out for fabric as i love doing patchwork

 Another cabbage patch doll to go with the 50 plus i already have, but not one of them are dressed the same .
 I love this cheeky cat egg cup which i believe to be  sixties.

I just love marbles, the colour, the texture.!

If i see anything to do with needlework i must buy it. This pin case is very old and made out of early plastic.
 I bought this needle case at a boot sale on holiday in Norfolk 

You would never believe it, but all these cottons cost me just 50p

I bought  the jug as it matched the walls in my bathroom.

Inside the needle case

And finally the pegs.
 A very kind friend in her 80s gave me these pegs she said they must be over 100 years old as they were her mothers. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

An Encaustic Art workshop

Today i have had the most brilliant workshop ever.
 I was invited to the workshop by Cherry my great friend to celebrate her birthday.
I had never heard of this Encaustic art before and to be honest thought it was a workshop to do with music.

There were five of us girls who had never done this type of art work before, and Barry who was the expert in this field.

To get our priorities right we started off with tea and cakes supplied by Barry and Joan. Then the fun began where we spent the next few hours working in creative mode producing some wonderful results. 
Its amazing just what you can do with a hot iron, white or black card, some coloured wax and a bit of imagination.

If any one is interested in this form of art work the you could contact Barry at Wakes Waxes, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, Colchester Essex C06 2BJ,

Cherry's Birthday is a day to remember. Thank you Cherry, Joan, Carol, Heather and Barry .......xx