Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Few More Boot sale Bargains.

If anyone asked me what i like to do best i would probably say Car Boot sales. 
I don't know why! I suppose its because i love the feeling it gives me when i find that something that i have been looking for or finding something out of the ordinary that intrigues me.
The searching takes me into another world where i forget all my troubles just for a few hours. 
I suppose you could call it shopping therapy on the cheap and i certainly would recommend it to anyone.
Or maybe i love a bargain and i come tell you i have had a few of those. 
Here are some of my resent finds.
 I am always on the look out for fabric as i love doing patchwork

 Another cabbage patch doll to go with the 50 plus i already have, but not one of them are dressed the same .
 I love this cheeky cat egg cup which i believe to be  sixties.

I just love marbles, the colour, the texture.!

If i see anything to do with needlework i must buy it. This pin case is very old and made out of early plastic.
 I bought this needle case at a boot sale on holiday in Norfolk 

You would never believe it, but all these cottons cost me just 50p

I bought  the jug as it matched the walls in my bathroom.

Inside the needle case

And finally the pegs.
 A very kind friend in her 80s gave me these pegs she said they must be over 100 years old as they were her mothers. 


  1. Always LOVE to see what you have found - Adore the pegs too xx

  2. Some great finds Linda. I havent been to many car boot sales this year though.

  3. Love it all! Are those fabrics at the top?

  4. Great and beautiful finds Linda, I'm not out of bed early enough for car boot sales although I have find plenty of treasures in the charity shops x I hope you are keeping well x