Saturday, 28 February 2015

Thing one and thing two .

Today was another emotional day, but this time a happy one rather than a sad one.
 Since loosing our lovely little Ruby to a tragic accident almost 3 weeks ago our home had been like a morgue, but now its filled with joy and happiness once again..

Let me introduce you to Ruben and Hetty our two new little bundles of joy. They are 8 week old Jack Russell pups and although they can never replace Ruby we will give them our undivided love and attention in return for their unconditional love.

Hetty and Ruben were from a litter of seven who came from a loving happy family in Harlow. Rebecca along with her 3 children did a great job in making sure all their needs were met, not forgetting the pups mum and dad as well.

Since their arrival Hetty and Ruben seem to have settled in well and at this present time fast asleep on the settee in the lounge. 

 Hubby with the pups 

 Becky with the pups

 Me with my two bundles of joy.
 Hetty quickly made her self at home.
 Becky with Hetty and Ruben
Happy days once again

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

No 2 Foot Stool

I have been going to an upholstery class now for half a term and am really enjoying it. I only wish i had done it earlier.

I love the fabric, it goes well with my colour scheme. It must have been my lucky day that day as Jayne my teacher had some left over from a commission so she kindly offered it to me.

This is the second foot stool i have covered. Maybe I'll try a chair next time.

 no 2

How it was before its makeover

Monday, 16 February 2015

Quilt in its early stages

After my last successful hand pieced patchwork quilt i decided to make another one . 
This time however i thought i would have a go at making a machined one. I thought it would be quicker by machine ,but after piecing a few blocks together i'm not so sure now.

I found i had less control with the stitching as the machine zoomed along making several mistakes when matching the shapes together, consequently rejects that had to be unpicked. 
The pattern came out of Pam & Nicky's Jelly Roll Quilts.
The quilt Twin Stars is made up of 35 eight inch blocks to form the pattern with a broad 9 inch cream border when completed.

I even made it harder and more work for myself by using fat quarters rather than a jelly roll. All that cutting into 2.1/2 inch lengths seems never ending. 
Still i'm not one for giving up so will continue to plod on with it as i promised this one for my daughter.

This is the first time i have attempted the Flying Geese block, but after several attempts i managed to conquer it.

I have placed 9 of the blocks to form this pattern

I have changed the blocks to show a different pattern .

The colours in the photos are not as good as the real thing

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentine to you all.   xxxxxxxxxxx

Flowers from my husband. 
Love him with all my heart...xx
My husbands birthday 
Home made cake.......xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Heart Broken

This must be the hardest post i have ever had to write.

 On Monday our lovely little jack Russell, Ruby was hit by a car and killed outright. She was only two and a half  years old with still so much to live for, but sadly she was taken away from us in a flash.
I thought loosing my parents was bad enough, but the hurt of loosing her is unbearable. She was the most precious, loyal, loving dog anyone could wish for. 
To all you animal lovers out there you will know exactly what i mean.
Now our home is empty, No more unconditional love, no more walks, no more holidays with us in our van to Norfolk.
No more Ruby,  

God Bless her and keep her safe. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx