Monday, 16 February 2015

Quilt in its early stages

After my last successful hand pieced patchwork quilt i decided to make another one . 
This time however i thought i would have a go at making a machined one. I thought it would be quicker by machine ,but after piecing a few blocks together i'm not so sure now.

I found i had less control with the stitching as the machine zoomed along making several mistakes when matching the shapes together, consequently rejects that had to be unpicked. 
The pattern came out of Pam & Nicky's Jelly Roll Quilts.
The quilt Twin Stars is made up of 35 eight inch blocks to form the pattern with a broad 9 inch cream border when completed.

I even made it harder and more work for myself by using fat quarters rather than a jelly roll. All that cutting into 2.1/2 inch lengths seems never ending. 
Still i'm not one for giving up so will continue to plod on with it as i promised this one for my daughter.

This is the first time i have attempted the Flying Geese block, but after several attempts i managed to conquer it.

I have placed 9 of the blocks to form this pattern

I have changed the blocks to show a different pattern .

The colours in the photos are not as good as the real thing


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog Linda - nice to be back reading the blogs - enjoyed your Valentine post - and I am in awe of your patchwork skills.

  2. That looks wonderful, you have just inspired me to get my quilt out I started last year.
    Julie xxxxx

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself, Linda. Your quilt is turning out beautifully. Remember that quilting was started way back when and borne out of necessity to keep warm, using anything they could get their hands on at the time. If you're happier hand-quilting, I'd say go with it. It can also be so therapeutic just to slow the pace down a little. Good Luck with your heirloom in the making. x

  4. It's looking really good. I would prefer to hand sew too. Machine sewing is a bit out of control!

  5. I love these colors! I think you are right about hand sewing but it takes so much more time!