Saturday, 26 February 2011

Successful Market for Farleigh

Wow!! what a lovely day  I've had................ It started at 8 o clock this morning when i arrived at the hall slightly nervous, but full of excitement to have a go at  my first time ever fund raising.
Shelia, (chairwomen of Farleigh) kindly showed myself  and Cherry, my partner in crime what to do.

These two ladies setting up their stall with handmade items made by the Farleigh craft team.

This is me selling jewelry, haberdashery, and some of my handy work. I was quite pleased as i managed to sell some of my hearts as well.

 Cherry is such a great organiser. I don't know how i would have managed without her. Our stall all ready for the punters...........

Cherry just doing the last minute touches. She is such a perfectionist!!!

 It was so lovely to see Andrea Farmer (artist) turn up. Cherry and i had only seen her on her blog so it was so nice to see her in the flesh.  Shelia trying hard to convince Andrea that she could do something artistic with ZIPS.......

 Here we are again, like two in separable twins

 I don,t know who won the raffle prize, but i bet they were pleased with their prize.

 Lots and lots of  lace and jewelry displayed in a vintage vanity case, just to add a bit of taste to the stall.

Farleigh helpers sorting out their wares 
 Look closely and you will see some hat pin cushions for sale

 Remnants of material saying " come and buy me"....

This lovely lady came and gave us a hand to display our jewelry.

Getting ready in the kitchen for the great rush of teas, coffees and cakes.

The day ended on a happy note with Shelia announcing that the Farleigh craft group had managed to reach its target of £100,000,00 in the ten years that she had been running it, along with a very very committed team of helpers....WELL DONE EVERYONE   !!!!!!!!!


  1. Well Done Lindy Lou - I'm exhausted now !!!! posting looks GREAT !!! THANKS for an AMAZING DAY XX

  2. Well done! Was lovely to meet you and Cherry and have a good chat. I promise to try hard with my crochet. LOL. x x

  3. phone call this morning and been asked to pass on to YOU that £640 was raised for the Hospice !!!

  4. Wow! Looks like a great day, congrats on all that money raised!x