Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Thought i'd do a spot of knitting for the hospice.

At my last meeting at the hospice charity shop it was decided that 2011 would be the year of the teddy Bear. To raise funds for the charity we are going to attempt to produce a mile of Teddies. Over the years i have knitted my children and my grandchildren various types of bear.

Here are a few examples of some knitted toys that i have made. Can you spot the 'knitted bear' from Harry Hills TV Burps?

The hospice bears don't  have to be knitted, they can be made from anything.

Why not start off the New Year by making a bear for a good cause!!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Snow! Snow! go away and bring us the Spring.

 These chickens and cockerel live in the orchard and although they have a warm bed of straw to protect them from the cold they have stopped laying eggs. Roll on the spring!

These Bantams are protected from the snow and cold weather under the Scotts Pine.                                                                                    

This is my vegetable garden waiting for the spring to arrive. The root crops are frozen in the ground so i am unable to dig them up.

This old tin potting shed has seen its last days, but it has its uses as a place for wildlife to hibernate during the cold of the winter.

A view of my garden in winter, now looking forward to the Spring.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Having fun in the snow

As my children are all grown up now and not around to play in the snow i thought i would give my cabbage patch dolls a chance to enjoy it.

My husband  went up into the loft and after some searching he found my old sledge which hadn't been used for a long time. It was lovely to reminisce old times. I loved making the snow man and playing in the snow even though it was with my dolls. I know i enjoyed it, i wonder if they did ? 

Harts for the Hospice

I have just finished these hearts for the hospice. They are used to go under the arms after surgery. They act as a cushion and prevent the areas rubbing and becoming sore.
We meet every fortnight at their charity shop. We take our finished items and discuss future plans for helping with the charity. I find this quite full filling to be able to contribute my skills. 

Monday, 20 December 2010

An Angel for an Angel

After seeing Cherry's vintage Christmas fairy, which was her mums it inspired me to make one for my daughter for her to keep for years to come.

I made the body from caleco and used vintage silk and lace hankerchiefs for the dress and wings, these were  given me from a great friend years ago. The trim was from odd bits of ribbons i had in my sewing box.

I used three different back grounds to display my fairy to see which one brought out the best picture, but as i like all three i have published them all.

Its amazing what you can do when you are inspired by other bloggers. Thanks Cherry.x

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My cabbage patch family

These two Cabbage Patch dolls are my favourite. The one on the right was my daughters and the one on the left my son and daughter purchased on e bay for fifty pounds which is my most expensive one.

I just had to share with you, my passion for collecting Cabbage Patch dolls. I first became interested in them when my daughter was given one for Christmas in the eighties.She is now thirty. I particularly collect the older ones and try to get them with their original cloths. Sometimes i am even lucky to get the birth certificates, but they are now getting harder to get hold of as they are becoming very collect able. My  twin sister also collects them. We have about one hundred between us and all of them are different with their own identity.

Lace for Christmas

I have started to make lace again after a long period in hibernation. As i am a bit rusty i have chosen a simple edging for a Christmas decoration.The traveling pillow i  am using was made by me when i started lace making years ago.

Lindy Loo's collage of love.

I am having a very emotional day today, you can see by the LOVE collage that i have created.
When making this I chose  personal items that mean a lot to me from the pass and the present.

The quotes i found in a book of love poems these also have a special meaning to my life.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Christmas to all bloggers

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year for 2011.

Looking forward to doing lots more creative work to share with my bloggers.

creativity verses creativity

These two gifts were given to me for my birthday. The paper weight was made by my great friend cherry and the bowl was made by my lovely daughter-in-law. Looks like i have got a lot of competition.
Orders welcome!

An artist in the making

This Christmas card was made by my little Grandaughter who is 2 years old. i will treasure it forever!! :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Birthday.

 This lovely Kate Finn doll was sent to me by my nephew and his family from New Zealand. Her name is Sweetie. Despite the weather it arrived on my birthday . What a lucky girl i am too have such a caring family.

My birthday was last Thursday, it was snowy and cold so i didn't think i would be doing too much, but as it was a special day my husband and daughter decided to brave the weather and take me out. I had a lovely day shopping. To day as the weather was much better we visited my son and his family in London. They made us very welcome.It was lovely to see my little gran daughters again. I had a birthday cake with candles, presents and a party lunch. I loved the red heart balloons on the front door.This has been the best ever birthday despite the snow and ice.

Pinnies for the Farliegh hospice

A fortnight ago i went with a friend to help with some craft work to raise money for the hospice. On that visit there was a shortage of pinnies, so i took some home to make. I didnt tell the helpers at the time that i have never made a pinny before so eventually after some trial and error i have finished them. I am very pleased with the finished product, but next time i go i  think i will give the pinnies a miss and suggest i make scarves instead.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

lindy loo's hearts

A friend of mine cut out these hearts for me from some old pieces of slate that just happened to be hanging around in my garden. A good piece of recyling don't you think?
The old music sheets are from 1923 and speak of love and dreams. I found them in an old chest of draws and thought they looked good with the twenties model. 

Its surprising what you can do with a piece of slate and some old music sheets