Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Jubilee special

Well its almost here! The Queens Jubilee. Hope you all have a great time and enjoy all the pomp and ceremony of the day. I expect most of you will be celebrating with friends and family, but others like my husband will be working. So bare a thought for people like him who won't be able to celebrate on  the day.

I have found a few red, white and blue bits and pieces in my craft room to make a Jubilee collage. Hope you like it.
 The vintage buttons were given to me by a kind friend.

I love red, white and blue together . It makes me feel so proud to be British. 
Tears come to my eyes when the National Anthem is sung............xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sixty two and Raring to Go.

Hi to all my blogging friends . Hope you are all enjoying this lovely Spring weather that we are having at the moment. Just hope it lasts!

I wanted to post this photo of me posing as a mod on my nephews sixties Lambrette. It brought back memories of when i rode on the back of my now husbands Vespa 180. Oh how i wish i was that age again, We had such good times then.

I never thought i would be sitting on a scooter again at my age, but it goes to show. never say never.......

Monday, 7 May 2012

Five Fluffy Chicks

Just over three weeks ago Mr Fox paid us a visit and killed five of our laying hens. As you can imaging we were very upset especially as we had hatched them ourselves over the last few years. Cocky our cockerel was the only survivor of the massacre. He put up a good fight to try and protect his girls, but was no match for crafty Mr Fox.  He is now so sad and lonely after loosing them and its heart breaking  to see him wandering around the garden all by himself. But good things have come out of bad and that is we have 5 healthy chicks.
 Luckily i had some fertile eggs from the hens and put them in the incubator. Last week after 21 days they hatched out and here they are, Delightful balls of fluff.

The chicks are now 6 days old and doing well.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Finished At Last !

I started making this zig zag  granny blanket around Christmas time, but as i had to fit it in with all my other craft work it has taken longer to finish than i thought. The thing is with such a large piece of crochet i find i can only manage 1 row at a time before i start getting bored.

The pattern was from an old vintage crochet magazine i had when i started crochet in the sixties

The Chaise Lounge that the blanket is displayed on was my Granny Claydon's. I think she bought it second hand years ago.

I made this one for Mia my granddaughter Now i have started another one for Darcey my other little granddaughter. I hope they will appreciate all the time and effort i put into making them.