Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Morning Glory

As i walked down my garden this morning to feed the chickens i had this great feeling of being alive. A warm feeling that Autumn was in the air leaving summer behind until next year.

I don't know about you, but i love this time of the year especially the early mornings like today, where a mist was hovering around the garden leaving a heavy dew in its path. 

I think the robin must have felt the same to as it was extra vocal than usual and  followed me around the garden as i took photos of spiders webs that were spun earlier hoping to catch  something nice and juicy for breakfast.

I grew this Morning Glory for the first time this year. It was one of my dads favourite flowers which he grew every year until his death.
Here is the robin keeping his beady eye on me.

I love how the beads of dew have formed on the spiders webs

A spider waiting for its breakfast
 my spider plants grow well in broken flower pots. 

I think the spider is so clever to spin such beauty......xx


  1. What is it about spiders webs especially in autumn. I am always fascinated how a web is spun, sometimes in the wrong place and I manage to walk through it!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Always wonderful Strolling in your garden linda - Great Photos x

  3. Lovely pictures Linda. I too love spiders webs, read an article that says because of the glorious summer spiders have grown bigger this year! They will soon be coming indoors to decorate my corners. x

  4. Beautiful. September has been a lovely month. I had a web in the greenhouse with a spider perfectly centred in it. A small pretty spider. The web was stunning.

  5. All of these photos are so lovely!