Sunday, 12 October 2014

Little Things Mean a Lot.....xx

I just love making things for my two small granddaughters. 
They are 6 and 4 years old and the most precious thing in my life.

 They live in London so i don't get see them as much as i would like to. Its not the distance, but that dreaded M25 which i hate with a 
So when i do get to see them i like to spoil them as grandparents like to do !!!!! 

As they are very girlie i thought they would like these little bags. 

The pattern is out of Omiyage a Japanese handmade gift book. 

The fabric i bought from my local boot sale and just right for their age group. 
With sound advise from my daughter i am going to fill them with bling, she said its the sort of thing little girls like.

I'm sure she is right after all she was a little girl once...........


  1. That fabric looks fabulous! Missing you already xxx

  2. Hi Linda, hope you are well? It is the little things indeed and these bags are so cute,they will love them. Take care and lots of love julie,xxx

  3. Aw these are so cute Linda, I love the fabric and I'm sure the girls will love them. P x

  4. What an Amazing Grandmother you are - your Granddaughters are very lucky x - love your work xx