Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Secret Garden

 I felt i just had to publish this post  to show you all my secret garden. I call it my Secret Garden as nobody ever sees it, which is a shame as its very pretty this time of the year. My husband and i work very hard in the garden  and love to see it looking well cared for. There's no need for us to go to the gym as the exercise keeps us fit.

We try to be self sufficient as much as possible by  growing fruit and vegetables. We also have chickens which give us enough eggs  and a few spare to sell. The plot is surrounded by hedges and trees which enables wild life and birds to flourish. My favourite bird song is the Song Thrush. I get all excited when i hear them singing at dawn. We also have a pair of woodpeckers who are very shy, we usually see them when they come into the garden in search of food.
These roses and Hollyhocks are the only flowers to be seen by passers bye as they walk to the station. 

 As i walk down the garden i can smell the perfume of the honeysuckle and jasmine growing  along the picket fence which separates into two separate rooms. The roses and hollyhocks are all out in full bloom, looking a picture you would like to paint. There's Mrs Hen having her afternoon nap in the summer house and the sound of bird song coming from the hedges that surround the garden.

 If you look closely you can see Mrs Hen sunbathing

My husband just loves to get in the picture. He is admiring my pots standing in a row.
The vegetable plot is now producing lots of fresh fruit and vegetables which you cant compare them to shop bought ones. All organic, Its lovely to see something grown from a tiny seed. How rewarding is that.

My leeks and winter greens are looking healthy after several days of rain

The potatoes  are growing well. We are digging up early ones which are of a good size.

 Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are growing well. The cucumbers are nearly ready to pick. 

My husband built this gate using the wood i found while out walking on the sea shore . I just love it.... 

He also stacked this seasoned wood  in the shape of an arch. We use this on our wood burner in the winter. Its very cosy...

I just can't throw anything away so have lots of junk around. I think it gives the garden character.

This is a new pathway i have created using Tobacco plants and Sweetwilliams They give off a lovely smell in the evenings.

I am very proud of my garden and find it a pleasure to be in even if nobody else see's it.


  1. How i LOVE visiting YOU and your secret Garden xxxxxxxx it is Total Bliss x - love all the photos and Admire your Garden and hard work so much x

  2. I'm doing a pattern based on the secret garden this week! Will take inspiration from some of your lovely photos x

  3. Hello, many thanks for your kind comment on my post today, and I can see you have an impressive garden, wow, mine does not compare. I have been just testing and getting just a couple of odd courgettes, but in general I am a mint, parsley, chive, thyme type of person. As I work full time, we get to see our garden mainly on a Sunday, as Saturday is filled with other chores. However, I love being in the garden, being tidying it around, or just lazying in it ;-) All the very best, nice to get to meet you. Lori xx

  4. I love your garden. You put a lot of work into it and it shows

  5. Wow,what a gorgeous garden,especially love the drift wood gate ,the flowers are beautiful....

  6. Super star gardener you are!!!!

  7. I would love a garden like that.... it has character and looks loved. And that gate is a work of art - lucky you!