Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bargains galore

I've had a lovely time this week doing  one my favourite things, that was, browsing in junk and charity shops, boot sales  and antique shops. My ever suffering hubby came along for the ride, he is not usually interested in what he calls JUNK , but to my amazement came up with some old tiles he found at the Wednesday boot sale. They now take pride and place on our kitchen wall.

As you can see my hubby has a great sense of humour. The tiles are all hand painted with rhyming slang they cost £5

This was my find at the same boot sale. It is a Toni Raymond collectible and cost me £1...... I fell in love with those sad eyes it reminded me of a very sad friend........ What a bargain...
I found this vintage christening gown in an antique shop in South Wold Suffolk. The needlework is something to be proud of. The dress is made out of net and decorated in Tambour lace. It cost just £9 All that work!!!  

This H&R tile started out plain white then Ann Wynn Reeves decorated it. Her work is getting very collectible now. It cost £1 

I quickly snapped this Mdina glass vase up for £1. That was an absolute bargain.

I bought this Banksy print for my daughter as she is a fan of this graffiti artist. Although its new it was still a bargain at £15 they usually cost around £40 in the shops.Just imagine if is was a genuine one, how ever much would it cost then.

This jug was made by Moorcroft . I found this on a bric a brac stool at the Medieval fare on Saturday . It cost 50p. I t now sits on the hearth in my lounge..

These crochet hooks are very old and made out of bone. the new hooks are made in steel and plastic. They are so tactile to feel and cost £1

 This very old bowl is just lovely. As you can see the centre  is decorated with blue and white stags.
  Around the sides are lovely sheep.

and more sheep.

 It is missing its top, but i still love it. Just think how grand it looked in its day sitting on the dresser of some stately home. I should think it was used for serving up mutton or venison to hungry gentry.
The cost was £1
It gives me a great buss when i find that one special thing. I don't buy for profit, but to enjoy it in my home..............


  1. Linda you AMAZE me !!!!! what fantastic finds !!!!!!!!!!!! love them ALL !!!!!!!xxxx

  2. Wow Linda! You certainly have an eye for a bargain. I love the dog in particular. I'm a huge fan of Medina glass too. :)

  3. Linda, thank you for following me! It's nice when someone you don't know yet likes your work. I am off to take another look at your blog!

  4. Hi Linda,thankyou for finding me! I love you blog! The tiles are amazing ,such great finds,I can see I m going to enjoy your blog.take care,

  5. What wonderful things you have found - the christening gown is absolutely beautiful!

    Pomona x

  6. Brill Linda!. Those tiles have the work of Edward Lear on them. He wrote lots of nonsense rhymes. Great to see you at the Boreham Boot. XXX's Joan

  7. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!