Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fours Company Art and Contempary craft group.

We are four middle aged mums who have a passion for art and craft. Our first meeting was a year ago at First Site in Colchester Essex and we have been meeting there monthly ever since. The meetings last for 2 hours and during that time we show and tell what we have been doing for that month. Sometimes its not long enough as we have so much to say..........
Joan and Julie in deep conversation. While Cherry is busy with her crochet.

That's me on the right showing Julie some of my lace tools while she is examining a child's old christening gown decorated with Tambour lace. 

Cherry is a very passionate artist. She  loves her art and is trying to promote her Essex Girl artwork.. She has been accepted at the Beecroft in Southend where one of her paintings will be on show until October. You can also see more of her paintings in the Chelmsford art trail this summer.

Julie brings lots of ideas to the group. Her work is amazing, from her art to craft.  This month Julie brought some of her crocheting in to show us. Julie's thinking is," Look outside of the box", You never know what form it will take until its finished 

Julie and I having a cosy chat. We don't always talk about art or craft you know !!! 

 Joan is on the right, she is very creative and uses old  children's annuals to create her images on cards and pictures. You must see them they are so very original......
Cherry is scanning through a book that Julie brought in from her holiday in Holland

.This is a page from Julie's sketch book. How professional is that ? Julie sketched this while visiting a museum in Holland

Joan watching on while Cherry explains to everyone about her crocheting task.

I just love this photo of Julie, but i don't know if she will. Anyhow Joan thinks its funny.

This is not  Joan, but some of her work for the last month. She was so excited to share her work with us that i forgot to get her in the picture.

As a group i feel we have a lot to offer each other. We are individuals with shared ideas and opportunities in the art and craft world    

Fours Company xxxx


  1. That is so cool that you have those meetings! How did you start it? How structured is it? I am interested in starting something like that here in Michigan. Oh and what is a children's annual? I don't think we have them here.

  2. Hi Linda

    You should have 'cropped' some of my chin's, slimmed me down and made me look a LOT younger that's the very least a friend could do... The quicker you go on your course the better..... I think that you should change your mind and choose photoshop instead of photography, your photo's are great, just need touching up when I'm your subject..... I'll put in my order now....I want to be 15 years younger and 2st lighter please... And lots of airbrushing, and maybe a slight tan too... He! He!

    Thank you for a wonderful day, it was so lovely to see you all, I loved the old crochet tools, and that little frock, amazing.

    .....Oh! And not so much of the middle aged, I've told everyone in blog land that I'm young and lovely...... Speak soon ~ Julie x

  3. Thanks for a GREAT meeting girls - here's to " fours company " xxx I came away very INSPIRED XXX

  4. such a lovely meeting Linda...I thought I was already following you...but hmmm....anyway...lovely to see some pics of my gorgeously crafty mother-in-law :)