Monday, 29 October 2012

R.I.P our lovely little Tilly dog

Today is a very sad day for me and my family as we have lost our little Jack Russel, Tilly. She was nearly 16 years old and suffering from cancerous tumours in her tummy.
The last week she went down hill quickly, she could hardly walk and look in her eyes was full of pain so we had no choice, but to take her to the vets. She died peacefully in my arms.
We brought her back home and buried her in the garden along with the rest of  our pets. As you can imagine we are very upset. I think i am all cried out.

    God bless you Tilly and he will keep you safe.                                                                                                                                                                                
Thank you for all your love and companionship you have given us. We love you so much......xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Rummage Sale Bargains

 The Boot Sales have now finished until next Spring so to get my bargain therapy i like to go to  the odd rummage sale or two. Well! i went to one this Saturday and found some real bargains and i just have to show you what i found
My best bargain was 89 weekly additions of The Art of Crochet for 50p. They were published last year and have the latest patterns, crochet techniques, stitches and questions and answers.

 I am going to make the throw for my daughter, Each weekly installments  have a different square to make. There are 89  different ones in all.

Some of the latest patterns.

 This hand made plate is beautifully painted by hand.£1

 Wow! what a bargain this bicycle was.£2. Just right for when my granddaughters visit.

 I love hand turned pottery . This vase cost me £1.

I have a passion for hanging things. This ship mobile is now hanging in the cart lodge along with several others.£1

 More bargains from the rummage, Six Ladybird books 20p each, three lacy hankies,20p each, and a vintage pig for £1.

 These lacy doilies i found in my local charity shop i paid 20p for each one.
Florence hidden amongst my stash of wool that i am going to make the patch work throw with.

I don't know about you , but i love a Bargain!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hearts for the Pop Up shop.

Hi all you lovely bloggers out there. Hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the long winter nights to relax and craft away. Don't forget we change the clocks this weekend!

A while ago a dear friend,  Julie from Are You Curious About Me. gave me some vintage Laura Ashley fabric. At the time i didn't know what to use it for so put it away with my stash of other fabrics. Then as i wanted to make some Hearts for the pop up shop in Chelmsford the fabric was just ideal.

To get the two tone effect of the hearts i used calico. I then used Suffolk Puffs and ribbon to finish them off.

I have enjoyed making these hearts and hope they sell at the Pop Up shop.

The Pop Up shop is run by artists of art and craft on a voluntary basis.
Craft people from the local area are invited to take their work to the shop where its put on display to be sold. The shops are vacant so its a way of helping people their craft.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Finished At Last !

Hurray !!!!!! At last i have finished these two granny blankets.

I made them for my two little granddaughters Mia and Darcey who hopefully will cherish them for years to come in the memory of their nanny Linda Wilks..

 I have personalised each one by cutting out a heart shape in ticking, then embroidered the names, using my sewing machine and finished off with a Suffolk Puff.

Here they are in their full glory drying in the sun.

 I was going to give the girls their blankets for Christmas, but like a child i couldn't wait. They are now on each of their beds looking lovely.....

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Unfinished Patchwork Quilt

Hi all you lovely bloggers out there, hope you are all well.!!!!
The nights are starting to pull in now and that Autumn chill is in the air, but i don't mind, i love the winter, it gives me a break from gardening to do more patchwork and other craft work.
  I started making this quilt a year ago at my patch work class. I am now on my 14th square and have another 6 to go before i can piece the quilt together. I have chosen a few of my favourite squares for you to see. When i have finished this friendship quilt it will fit my daughters double bed. Hopefully i aim to get it finished by Christmas.
 The patterns are from The New Sampler Quilt book recommended by Sonja my teacher.

I would like to thank all my followers for all the kind comments they have given me. I can tell you they mean such a lot. THANK YOU ALL.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx