Monday, 29 October 2012

R.I.P our lovely little Tilly dog

Today is a very sad day for me and my family as we have lost our little Jack Russel, Tilly. She was nearly 16 years old and suffering from cancerous tumours in her tummy.
The last week she went down hill quickly, she could hardly walk and look in her eyes was full of pain so we had no choice, but to take her to the vets. She died peacefully in my arms.
We brought her back home and buried her in the garden along with the rest of  our pets. As you can imagine we are very upset. I think i am all cried out.

    God bless you Tilly and he will keep you safe.                                                                                                                                                                                
Thank you for all your love and companionship you have given us. We love you so much......xxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh Linda I'm so sad for you. She was such a sweet little dog. Take care xx Joan

  2. Oh Linda! I am heartbroken for you dearest!!!! What a beautiful girl Tilly is! I love her name! I am so sorry she was suffering from cancer and in pain! We have had to put beloved doggies down in the past because they were so sick and suffering and it was the hardest thing to do, but you know in your heart it is right! I know that doesn't make it any easier sweetie, but you did do the right thing. I am so glad she lived to 16. I do wish it had been many more years, but I know she had a happy life and was very well loved! I wish I could say something to make the terrible pain go away, but I do send you a big hug and all my love across the pond and will keep you and your dear family in my prayers. I am so very sorry for your loss!!!! I am glad you could bury her in your garden. That is wonderful! It is okay to be all cried out. I can't imagine it being any other way. Yes!!! God will keep her safe and she is in heaven with him right now! Much love, Paula

  3. Lovely little Tilly xxx so sad - Thinking of you All Linda xx

  4. Hello again dear Linda, Thank you for your kind comment. You are welcome dear heart! I have been praying for you and your family... praying the Lord will bring comfort to your hearts. I know how hard this loss is and it will take time for it to lessen. You will always miss sweet Tilly, but the pain won't be so unbearable. She would want you to be happy again! What little angels our doggies are! Life can be very hard at times and hard to understand. Be kind to yourself and take time to heal. I am so glad you are crying, as I think that is very healing. I know Tilly will always be in your hearts and memories. She is a doll! I am sending you a big hug and I hope you know you have a friend in me if you need to talk. Do take good care and treat yourself to something nice. Tilly would want you to do that! So glad to have found you too! Much love, Paula

  5. Awwwwh, Linda. So sorry to hear about Tilly. I know the joy (and pain when they pass) that a beloved pet can bring. Thinking of you. x x

  6. I'm so sad for you Linda,God bless little Tilly,thinking of you,lots of love and hugs,XxXxXx

  7. Hello Linda..

    I hope that you have found the photo's of Tilly that I emailed you the other day, and I hope that they were of some comfort.

    Sending you love and a hug..

    Thinking of you~ Julie.x