Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Rummage Sale Bargains

 The Boot Sales have now finished until next Spring so to get my bargain therapy i like to go to  the odd rummage sale or two. Well! i went to one this Saturday and found some real bargains and i just have to show you what i found
My best bargain was 89 weekly additions of The Art of Crochet for 50p. They were published last year and have the latest patterns, crochet techniques, stitches and questions and answers.

 I am going to make the throw for my daughter, Each weekly installments  have a different square to make. There are 89  different ones in all.

Some of the latest patterns.

 This hand made plate is beautifully painted by hand.£1

 Wow! what a bargain this bicycle was.£2. Just right for when my granddaughters visit.

 I love hand turned pottery . This vase cost me £1.

I have a passion for hanging things. This ship mobile is now hanging in the cart lodge along with several others.£1

 More bargains from the rummage, Six Ladybird books 20p each, three lacy hankies,20p each, and a vintage pig for £1.

 These lacy doilies i found in my local charity shop i paid 20p for each one.
Florence hidden amongst my stash of wool that i am going to make the patch work throw with.

I don't know about you , but i love a Bargain!!!


  1. Sounds like a great time and super bargains. Think I might be jealous!!! x J

  2. I Am Jealous !!!!! xxx love those dolies for 20p each !!!! and the books !!!!