Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Collection of Kate Finn Dolls.

Hi Hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to another new year.

Although i really love this time of the year i can honestly say i will be glad when January 1st comes so i can get back to normal. I am a creature of habit and like some normality in my life.

 As my crafting hat doesn't seem to be working at the moment i thought i would try out my new lens for my camera, that my husband bought me for Christmas and do a photo shoot of my collection of Kate Finn dolls.

These dolls were all bought for me by my twin sister when she visited her son and his family in New Zealand. Sadly she doesn't go any more as her son and family are now back living in England. They lived there for 7 years and settled well, but due to no work and homesickness returned. They are now happily settled in a new home and have good work prospects.
Kate Finn has a website if you would like to look her up.

These two little bears are made by Stieff and want to wish everyone a Happy New Year......xx

This Native Bush Babe doll was made in Australia. I bought her here in England a few years ago.

This Mohair Rabbit was made in Germany. I think he is so cute.

                                                                         The doll on the left is a limited edition Robin Rive and the one on the right is a limited edition Merry Thought.
 All the dolls are beautifully made and hopefully an heirloom for the future.....xx


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Love, Hope and Peace

Just one night to go before the Christmas day and i can't wait. 

                                        " LOVE, HOPE AND PEACE"

Ruby and i would like to wish all our lovely friends in bloggerland a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


God Bless You All...................xx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The difference a week can make.

Well! the weather here in the South East of England has gone made again !!! One day we had freezing cold temperatures and snow, then next day, like today! we have mild and warm temperatures. Its no wonder we have a lot of colds and flu around this time of the year, but i still wouldn't want to live any where else, but here..... 

Here are a few pictures i have taken this week to show you.

I took these photos a week ago when we were experiencing minus 6 c The temperature only just managed to go up to 1 c during the day and i can tell you it was very cold.

A haw frost can be great to capture great photos like these.  

This frosty photo of my boundery fence shows how cold it was . I took it about 8 am.

 These photos were taken on my way to my patchwork class on Wednesday . The boats on the canal were sitting in a thin layer of ice.
 I can remember in 1963 when the canal froze so hard that we were able to walk on it. That 's when we had long cold winters and hot long summers. 

This photo of the canal was taken into the sun,  it gives a dreary wintery scene.

Today the weather was warm and sunny. Temperature at 8c so we took  Ruby for a walk to Maldon prom. She had a great time paddling in the water and socialising with other dogs and their owners.

 This photo was taken looking into the sun. so is not so crisp.
 Maldon Prom is a lovely place to visit especially if you like boats of any kind.
 As it was a high tide we were able to get up close to this swan and her signets.
 The sunny conditions were great for these reflections

 Again i was shooting into the sun. I quite like the black and white effect of the photo.
 Ruby with hubby walking along the causeway. The water floods over when there is a high tide.
The church in the back ground is where i was christened some 63 years ago.
See how calm the water is at high tide.
This is my favourite photo. I took all these photos on a manual setting and think they are not too bad....

Monday, 10 December 2012

Pink and Roses

Hi to you all you lovely bloggerS  i hope life is treating you well and you are almost ready for Christmas.
 I am there, just the odd last minute things to do. I can,t wait I love Christmas.....xx

After reading PaulaS blog over at Sweet Victoria Rose the other day, I was so  inspired by her love of PINK and ROSES that i just had to do a post showing my love for the same things. So armed with my camera i set up a photo shoot using some of my favourite  pink and rose china, heart cushions, knitted rabbit, bobbin lace and calico dolls, these were made by me. 

The heart cushion and rabbit were made by me.  Rabbit loves his stripy cardigan. I know its not pink or roses but i just had to show you all his early Christmas present.

 I love collecting anything feminine and pretty. 

 PINK and ROSES     The doll on the right was not made by me.

The rose is the last to flower for this summer. I made the lace cross for my confirmation. 

All these photo's were taken on my Canon Camera. I used  a manual setting to achieve this.  I am currently attending college once a week, doing a City and Guild Level 1 in Photography.
 I would recommend this photography course to anyone who wants to take good photo's.