Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Collection of Kate Finn Dolls.

Hi Hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to another new year.

Although i really love this time of the year i can honestly say i will be glad when January 1st comes so i can get back to normal. I am a creature of habit and like some normality in my life.

 As my crafting hat doesn't seem to be working at the moment i thought i would try out my new lens for my camera, that my husband bought me for Christmas and do a photo shoot of my collection of Kate Finn dolls.

These dolls were all bought for me by my twin sister when she visited her son and his family in New Zealand. Sadly she doesn't go any more as her son and family are now back living in England. They lived there for 7 years and settled well, but due to no work and homesickness returned. They are now happily settled in a new home and have good work prospects.
Kate Finn has a website if you would like to look her up.

These two little bears are made by Stieff and want to wish everyone a Happy New Year......xx

This Native Bush Babe doll was made in Australia. I bought her here in England a few years ago.

This Mohair Rabbit was made in Germany. I think he is so cute.

                                                                         The doll on the left is a limited edition Robin Rive and the one on the right is a limited edition Merry Thought.
 All the dolls are beautifully made and hopefully an heirloom for the future.....xx



  1. Loving the dolls - looks like you have been very creative with the last few precious moments of 2012 x - New year creative wishes to you and your family ******

  2. Love them Linda X J PS Happy New Year

  3. Hello my dear friend Linda! I love this time of year too, but I am ready for my normal routine as well. I am feeling quite exhausted! That was so sweet of your hubby to get you a new lens. Your photos are lovely and your doll collection is wonderful! I love their outfits and sweet faces! The bears and rabbit are adorable too! They will all definitely be heirlooms for the future! I am glad things are going better for your twin sister's family. Thank you for your kind comment! You always leave me such nice notes, it makes me very happy! I have been following a special diet for 5 years now. Not only do I have all of my congenital heart defects, but tummy troubles too, but I eat very healthy and it has helped. Sweetie, I did not make the sweater for Mr. Poppy, but I am hoping to get good enough at crochet that I can make all my sweet doggies sweaters. Yes, please treat yourself to a Mollie Makes magazine! You will love it! Thank you again for all of your sweet words! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and Happy New Year filled with God's peace and blessings! Much love, Paula xo