Thursday, 3 October 2013

A vintage mangle.

Today i decided to tidy up my cart lodge. I have been meaning to tidy it up for ages, but its one of those places that always gets left. 

 Hidden in a dusty corner of the lodge was an old mangle left by the former owners some years ago.

This forgotten unloved piece of vintage invention was covered in cobwebs, dust and full of woodworm. 
So armed with a scrubbing brush and some soapy water i brought the mangle back to life.
Sadly the pine rollers and drip trays had developed some woodworm. 
To help stop this i rubbed some beeswax into the wood hoping this would prevent any more spreading.

I was pleased with the results of the finished project. It still has to live in the corner, but at least it has a new lease of life for a few more years yet.

I used some vintage kitchen props when taking these photos.     

 Other pieces of junk hanging around the cart lodge
 Also lots of cobwebs
 Some old heavy weights.
 I found this years ago in the garden and rescued it from the skip. 

 More old weights. Cobwebs and all.


  1. looks like you have had a productive day today Linda x

  2. Hi Linda I think the mangle is lovely! It may be one of those that you can use for printing :-) x J

  3. Such interesting old things! I don't think I'd ever seen a mangle before. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Is that a laundry mangle? What wonderful, fabulous things you found! All would be considered collectible antiques here and quite pricey!

  5. I remember helping my grandmother use her mangle when I was a child - I hope you can get some woodworm treatment to stop it deteriorating as it's a lovely thing to have, Betty

  6. Wow Linda, what fabulous treasures You have collected, the mangle has come up a treat. hope your keeping well, sorry to have not dropped in for a while,i 've not been around blog land much with the summer holidays. have a lovely weekend,xxxjuliexxx

  7. There is a car wash nearby who use a mangle like yours to wring out the water from their chamois leathers!!

  8. Love the mangle and my how you've brought it back to life. My grandmother used to use one back in the 1920s apparently. Loving all the other old bits you found. Must be like Pandora's box in your lodge.
    Patricia x

  9. Love your mangle, have been trying to buy one of these for a press for years... And years.. And years... If only I'd known.. Might have been able to twist your arm..xx Hope your keeping well, miss you lots. Please open a FB account so that I can keep in

  10. Oh my... that mangle is so beautiful!! My mum told me she had one when I was a baby and I don't feel that old but I imagine my grandchildren would have trouble knowing what a mangle was used for!
    Good that this one is in your care. It would be great as a printing press, I will have to see if I can find one though it doubt it would be as beautiful as yours.