Monday, 8 June 2015

Lovely weekend away on Mersea Island Essex

This weekend my husband and i joined others from the Suffolk centre caravan club for a relaxing get together at Waldergraves holiday park. This park was given an award for the best kept family holiday resort. I would thoroughly recommend it.

The park caters for all of those who want to experience the out door life either in a tent, caravan or motor home with plenty to do for the whole family, There are lovely walks along the private beach and around the Island, just right to shed those extra few pounds.

We turned up in our motor home along with our two puppies, Hetty and Ruben to be greeted by several  friendly faces who organised the weekend.  Our pitch was south facing with electric and water which is just what we caravanner's like for an easy time.

We were lucky with the weather and managed to walk along the beach as the tides were just right.

Mersea is known for its oysters where people come from miles around to sample these delicacies.

Mersea is also good for wind surfing .

Hetty and Ruben's first holiday

 Tides out and just look at those clouds

The clouds were so low you almost touch them
I just loved this beach hut. Its surprising what you can do with a bit of imagination.
This shed looks like its been here for years
What a place to have a garden
 old rusty chain found at low tide
 Wind surfing
More fluffy clouds
The beach at low tide
The tide tends to come in very quickly just right when wind surfing

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back at last !!!

Hi everybody its been ages since i last did a post mainly because i opened up an account on face book and must confess got rather addicted to it. I found friends and work colleagues on there who i hadn't seem or heard of for a very long time so now keep regular contact with them. 

Face book or as my daughter says "Facey" was one of those social media networks i have always stayed away from because of the bad press it seems to be given, but after a lot of pestering from my friends i relented and have found it to be great for social news. 

As a girl of few words all i do is press the like button or add a short comment and job done. 

 So now i have done that, been there and got the tea shirt  i am now back on my beloved blog again.

I don't know about all you out there, but we are still waiting for the summer to arrive here in Essex. The wind is blowing and keeps trying to rain. I've even had to put my heating back on and  had a hot water bottle in bed at night. 

What with the cold and dry weather its been a struggle to keep my seedling and plants going in the garden and unless the weather alters it could be a disaster. So fingers crossed the weather will be much kinder to us very soon.

Although this time of the year is very busy in the garden i  have still managed to do a bit of craft work in my spare time. One of the things i love most though is my photography so here are a few photos of what i have been getting up to these last few months.

Finished another stripey crochet blanket. So easy to do when relaxing as only one stitch to think about my trouble is loosing the hook which i do frequently.
My husband decided my embellished pot puree hanger would look good in his motor home .
One of my favourite pot plants
A visit to Mersea Island on one of our hot days .
Hetty and Ruben had a great time on their first sea side trip.
My daughter Rebecca's birthday
Spring has sprung in my garden

The green house planted with tomatoes and cucumbers 
Dutch Iris reminds me of my grandad whose grew these on his allotment
Beautiful honey suckle growing amongst my variegated hop vine
The blossom on my medlar tree.
A visit to the Suffolk show where my husband just had to have his photo taken with this magnificent piece of machinery

Just finished this pin cushion for a friends birthday . The rose buds i dried for their fragrant smell.
My rose buds before being dried
A visit to Cherry's Hobby Hole in Sandon where she is doing her craft work . Great place to visit.