Friday, 30 May 2014

Hoping for a pass!!

For the last year i have been doing a City & Guild level 2 in photography and i can tell you that although i have enjoyed every minute of it it has taken up a lot more time than i expected. 

Well its finished now and ready to be handed in to my tutor Tony for marking. The years work was made up of two assignments. The first one was taking images of people and the second one was of my own choice which was The Beauty of Rust.

Each assignment involved presenting 10 good images plus loads of written evidence to go with them. I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least a pass, but secretly hoping for a merit. 

I said i wouldn't do another course, but you never know with me as i am a person who likes to have a challenge.  By the way the photos are not selfies, my husband took them.

Look at that happy smile on my face, just thinking how pleased i am that its all finished.

A whole years work here.
 Now that i have finished i will have more time for my craft work