Friday, 2 December 2011

Birthday Girl.

Its my Birthday today!!!!

 Hurray!!! lots and lots of cards and presents from my kind, loving family and friends..........

I made this cake, but only put a few candles on as i didn't want to give my age away......

 My husband added the LOVE. He's such a sweetie xxxxxxxxxxx

My daughter has arranged something special for me today I wonder what it is! Can't wait!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a super day. That cake looks yum scrum. :)

  2. Happy birthday! What a lovely cake! Hope your birthday is FANTASTIC!

  3. Happy birthday to you ,happy birthday to you ,happy birthday dear Linda ,happy birthday to you! I hope you have a smashing day.Looking forward to hear how you spend it.lots of love juliexxxxx

  4. Birthday Love - sent YOUR Way - Have Fun xxxx

  5. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time!