Monday, 21 November 2011

My new Camera

At last i have managed to get to grips with my new camera.......

 I bought the camera, a Canon EOS 550D after a two day photography course with Jeff Turnbull last September. The two day crash course was an introduction to the digital camera, it gave me the basic understanding of the camera and more confidence to take better photos.

I would like to take my photography skills further so i am now looking to join a camera club or go back to collage to get some qualifications.

These photos were taken with the camera. I know i have a lot more to to learn about photography, but this is just a start....
The warmer weather for this month has led flowers like this one to bloom late into the winter.

I like taking close up photos, but have a lot more to learn about Macro lens

This Medlar tree is very special to me .I planted it over 20 years ago. The leaves have almost dropped. 

The Medlar tree bares these fruits each Autumn. They are eaten when they are soft and dark brown.

This burnt chair was rescued from my niece's house after it was completely destroyed by fire 5 months ago. 

Some Christmas bunting i made for my little granddaughter.

I was very pleased with this photo. I would love to paint it in water colour.

Florence our pet cat.

Tilly the dog . She loves having her photo taken

Part of my garden.

Cocky our cockerel.

Late flowering geranium.

I know i have a long way to go before i can say i am professional, but in the meantime i will just enjoy using my camera for fun. Hope you like some of my images............


  1. Love your photos Linda,well done. I really need a new camera. Our dogs love there photos taken too :O) Hope your well,love juliexxx

  2. How exciting! I have been wanting a DSL camera. I am so tired of the limited capabilities of my point and shoot. I love seeing your life through your photos.
    The fruit from your tree sort of looks like a persimmon.

  3. Hands off to you for taking a photography class. It is on my list. My partner is a professional photographer, but has no patience for my thousands of questions. Lovely pictures!!! He says it's all about light, and composition. Keep up the good work.

  4. WONDERFUL Photos of your Wonderful Life - Love Tilly's Photo and your Amazing Fruit Tree best xx

  5. Lovely to Zoom in on your life!! xxx' Joan

  6. Hello, Linda!

    Loving the photos you are taking with your new camera, esp. the chicken photo!

    Is the medlar fruit like a persimmon? They look similar. Persimmons are quite bitter before they ripen. They are usually made into pudding, breads, cookies, etc. as the pulp is mushy when ripe.