Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Buttons and Suffolk Puffs

In my February issue of Country Living i read an article about craft and companionship, where four crafts women shared their knowledge and taught each other skills. One of those skills was how to make a Suffolk Puff. I had never heard of one until then.!With this in mind i searched my local charity shops and found some lovely buttons and fabric and had a go at making some.

These are the buttons and material i found in the charity shops. I just love looking for anything to do with sewing.

It gave me great pleasure sorting through them looking for ones to use.  I found a large glass jar to store them in.

I found instructions on how to make a Suffolk Puff on Google.

       From this hand made women's bodice pictured in a nineteenth century fashion book. I was inspired by the colour combination of red, cream and pink to make my puffs. 

I made two large and two small puffs them sewed the small one on top of the large one, finishing them off with a pink button on the top.

The finished Suffolk Puffs

 I'm not sure what to do with them.

 Any Ideas?


  1. Maybe you could make them into brooches?

  2. Maybe you could make them into brooches, or put them on tops or bags? They're really pretty. x

  3. Love your Suffolk Puffs..... they are just so pretty with the stripes and red centers. There are so many things they would be perfect for: flowers on a pillow top with rick rack stems, individual brooches, trim on a purse or strung on thread for a lovely garland, and the list goes on.

    I have never heard these called Suffolk puffs, but here in the states, they are called "yo yos". They are fun and therapeutic to make to make. Have a small plastic tub full of them waiting for something wonderful..... like embellishing a handmade card.

    Buttons are so wonderful..... again, I find it therapeutic sorting through them..... pearl buttons are my favorite finds.

  4. Lindy Loo - you are one of the cleverest people i know - they are beautiful xxx - We need a little Vintage fayre to take them too.

  5. Thank you all so much for your helpful comments. Watch this blog!!!!

  6. hello auntie linda this is maisie i made my onw blog so please can you follow me ,i have started following your blog and i have found out how to add a new post

  7. Make some more, they are great!!!

  8. Hi Linda! I've just found your blog after reading your comment on our Homespun page. I am one of those four women from the CL article that inspired you to make a Suffolk Puff! My friend Angela was the person who told me what they were, as I had bought an old nightdress case made from them at an antiques fair and I had never come across them before......although I do now recall my cousin having a clown doll made out of loads of them stitched together when we were both growing up! Now I am seeing them crop up everywhere, they seem to be the thing of the moment! I use mine as little adornments on vintage fabric bags, and sewn onto hair grips, and also as corsages. they are just such 'happy' things! Keep puff, puff, puffing!
    Christine x

  9. I love your colour combination, I am making puffs to decorate my grandsons pram for his parents wedding tomorrow, also a couple to either stick on my shoes, as a corsage or on hair clips, havent decided yet. They are really fun x