Sunday, 9 January 2011

A sunny winters walk to blow away the cobwebs

Our walk started at Heybridge Basin.

Tilly my little Jack Russell took the lead along the tow path. She loves to be in charge by showing the way.

The canal looked very calm and tranquil in the winter sun.
                                                                               My daughter and I struggled to pick our way through the muddy pathway. Note my daughters white trainers.

Maldon estuary with the tide out.

While looking for some flotsam I came across this lovely piece of wood. It is now in my garage waiting for me to do something creative with it.

Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!

We passed this wreck, destined to spend it's last days gradually sinking further into the muddy grave yard.

                                           Photos of the flotsam that i found along the estuary.
                                                              I just love days like this.



  1. This looks lovely, I love Heybridge Basin, was a gorgeous day to go for a walk too

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments

  3. Love your photos, Linda..... esp. the drift wood.

  4. We love Heybridge Basin too and have enjoyed lots of walks there. Great finds!