Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Needlework Rose

During the resent bad weather and too dangerous to venture out  i found time to do some sewing. After looking through my latest craft book which i purchased from Amazon a few weeks ago i found this lovely needlework rose to make.

So here it is. Hope you like it.

I thought i would try to be creative when taking these photos by using this tin watering can and an old pottery flower pot.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy Days

Hi!   Hope you are all well and  managing to keep warm in this snowy weather we are having.

Here in Essex we have been lucky so far not to have had the amount of snow the rest of the country is having, but things still  have come to a stand still.

 I'm so glad that i don't have to go to work in the snow any more. Its nice to look out of the window and think how lucky i am not to travel in it, but that's not to say i don't the snow!!!!!  Like today, my husband and i took Ruby our little Jack Russel for a long country walk. The virgin snow was a picture so fortunately i took my camera for all to see..... 
These socks were a present from my daughter in law, very trendy, I love them.....

The train is travelling to Colchester from London Liverpool Street.

 Some one is missing this tractor tyre.

 Note the triangle shaped roofs.

 Looking at my house through the tree.

 After a cloudy dull cold day the sun set was beautiful.
 All these photos were taken with my cannon camera on a manual setting. I will use some of these images in my  camera course i am doing at college. 


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Healthy Start to the New Year.

Hi Everyone hope you all had a good New Year and like me glad all the festive season is over....

I know i had over indulged over the last 2 weeks, but couldn't believe my eyes when i weighed myself to find i had put on 4 pounds, so...... My New Years resolution is to eat healthy and try to loose some weight.
Joy a friend of mine gave me the recipe to try.
 As a vegetarian i include a lot of cheese in my diet so I'm sure i will love this soup.

Here is my first attempt....... Brussel Sprout and Stilton Soup served with my fresh new bread .

 The vegetables, garlic, and onion were all my own home grown produce.

 If you magnify this page you will see how to make the soup.

 All the ingredients cooking slowly on my Rayburn.

The liquidised soup. Note the Maldon salt pot filled with salt. The ancient Maldon Salt company pan the salt  from the river Blackwater. This salt is very desirable and sold all over the world.
Hubby's  New Years resolution is to do all the jobs he has started and not finished.
This is a good start to the year. The tiling is all finished !!!!!!

All the ingredients for making the bread. I used my bread maker to make the bread.

 The bread maker is all set to go. After 4 hours the bread will be ready.

The finished loaf.
 Before i had the bread maker i made bread by hand, but i can honestly say this is so much easier.
This is the first time i have made this soup, it tasted great with the hot crusty bread.

The bread also tastes nice with my home made strawberry jam.
You can't beat good honest food.