Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Healthy Start to the New Year.

Hi Everyone hope you all had a good New Year and like me glad all the festive season is over....

I know i had over indulged over the last 2 weeks, but couldn't believe my eyes when i weighed myself to find i had put on 4 pounds, so...... My New Years resolution is to eat healthy and try to loose some weight.
Joy a friend of mine gave me the recipe to try.
 As a vegetarian i include a lot of cheese in my diet so I'm sure i will love this soup.

Here is my first attempt....... Brussel Sprout and Stilton Soup served with my fresh new bread .

 The vegetables, garlic, and onion were all my own home grown produce.

 If you magnify this page you will see how to make the soup.

 All the ingredients cooking slowly on my Rayburn.

The liquidised soup. Note the Maldon salt pot filled with salt. The ancient Maldon Salt company pan the salt  from the river Blackwater. This salt is very desirable and sold all over the world.
Hubby's  New Years resolution is to do all the jobs he has started and not finished.
This is a good start to the year. The tiling is all finished !!!!!!

All the ingredients for making the bread. I used my bread maker to make the bread.

 The bread maker is all set to go. After 4 hours the bread will be ready.

The finished loaf.
 Before i had the bread maker i made bread by hand, but i can honestly say this is so much easier.
This is the first time i have made this soup, it tasted great with the hot crusty bread.

The bread also tastes nice with my home made strawberry jam.
You can't beat good honest food.


  1. Oh yum now I'm really hungry! When Hubby has finished your jobs can I borrow him??? x J

  2. Hello sweet Linda! How wonderful you could use all your own produce for your soup! Home grown is the best! Your soup and bread look delicious, and the tiles your hubby finished are lovely! I love your sweet dishes!!! I agree, you can't beat good honest food! Much love and the happiest of new year wishes to you sweet friend! God bless you! Paula xo

  3. Hi Linda

    Soup looks wonderful..And so do the tiles.. Love them..
    Happy New Year, hope to see you soon. x

  4. Hello Linda I too love simple food like homemade soup and crusty bread....yours looks delicious!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Helen x

  5. Looks And sounds Amazing Linda - sorry I am running behind with things x