Monday, 26 August 2013

From a tiny seed to a thing of beauty

Hi everyone! hope you are all well and have been fortunate enough to enjoy some lovely hot sunny weather like we have had here in Essex. It just seems to be going on and on.....

However we have had some rain, but as i like to grow lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables it has been a god send and looks to be a bumper crop this year. So thankfully all my hard work has paid off.

Just think all these flowers, fruit and vegetables, which i grew, came from a tiny seed . How great is that?

 Self sown sunflowers great for attracting the bees into my garden.

 My favourite crop of sweet corn along with some lovely sweet tomatoes

 Wild wheat growing under the shade of the walnut tree

 Odd shaped cucumbers

First picking of plum's

 Marrows and Brussel sprout plants happily growing together.

Pea's, beetroot and raspberries freshly harvested. 

 Florence sitting in the shade of a currant bush.

 My beautiful Super Star roses which faithfully flower every year.

 Holly hocks i grew from some seed i collected when on holiday in Norfolk a few years ago. 

  Roses and hollyhocks give a cottage look under the windows.

Here are just a few of the flowers, fruit and vegetables i grow in my garden.......