Sunday, 16 December 2012

The difference a week can make.

Well! the weather here in the South East of England has gone made again !!! One day we had freezing cold temperatures and snow, then next day, like today! we have mild and warm temperatures. Its no wonder we have a lot of colds and flu around this time of the year, but i still wouldn't want to live any where else, but here..... 

Here are a few pictures i have taken this week to show you.

I took these photos a week ago when we were experiencing minus 6 c The temperature only just managed to go up to 1 c during the day and i can tell you it was very cold.

A haw frost can be great to capture great photos like these.  

This frosty photo of my boundery fence shows how cold it was . I took it about 8 am.

 These photos were taken on my way to my patchwork class on Wednesday . The boats on the canal were sitting in a thin layer of ice.
 I can remember in 1963 when the canal froze so hard that we were able to walk on it. That 's when we had long cold winters and hot long summers. 

This photo of the canal was taken into the sun,  it gives a dreary wintery scene.

Today the weather was warm and sunny. Temperature at 8c so we took  Ruby for a walk to Maldon prom. She had a great time paddling in the water and socialising with other dogs and their owners.

 This photo was taken looking into the sun. so is not so crisp.
 Maldon Prom is a lovely place to visit especially if you like boats of any kind.
 As it was a high tide we were able to get up close to this swan and her signets.
 The sunny conditions were great for these reflections

 Again i was shooting into the sun. I quite like the black and white effect of the photo.
 Ruby with hubby walking along the causeway. The water floods over when there is a high tide.
The church in the back ground is where i was christened some 63 years ago.
See how calm the water is at high tide.
This is my favourite photo. I took all these photos on a manual setting and think they are not too bad....


  1. Love the frosty ones! I remember 1963, huge icicles, deep snow, Halstead hills were like ski slopes :-) x J

  2. oh my goodness ... the spider web picture is amazing! x

  3. Hello my sweet friend Linda! I love all of your gorgeous photos and they are all excellent! You are a very good photographer and should be proud of yourself! The frost covered rose is so pretty! I loved seeing the beautiful part of England where you live and all the lovely places to walk! Ruby is so sweet and cute! I am so happy you have her! I love the church you were christened in when you were a baby. Thank you for your kind words sweetie! Your visits always brighten my day as do your blog posts! I am so glad your hubby will be retiring soon. You will both have so much fun! God bless you dear heart, and your lovely family too! Much love and lots of Christmas hugs! Your friend, Paula xoxo

  4. Brrrrrrrrr! beautiful photos
    Wishing you a wonderful christmas time filled with peace, love and happiness
    love jooles x

  5. Hello Linda,
    Thank you so much for popping by! I love your frosty images, especially the first one of the rose, beautiful!Your little dog Ruby is such a cutie!Just read your post on the lovely Daisy brooch, must try that one , so pretty!Love your crochet blankets too.So many pretty things to look at!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    Rachel x

  6. Such beautiful photographs, I especially loved the frosty ones! And what a cute little dog! It's lovely to get out and about and your wintry walks look wonderful.
    Wishing you a happy festive week.
    Helen x

  7. Linda Your photos are fantastic,I especially love the frosty ones :o)
    Ruby is growing beautifully,such a little cutie,bless her.
    Wishing You a wonderful Christmas and new year and thankyou for all of Your lovely comments over at mine Xxxxx

  8. Wow - that is some Jack Frost!!! Little Ruby looks absolutely adorable.