Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hearts for the Pop Up shop.

Hi all you lovely bloggers out there. Hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the long winter nights to relax and craft away. Don't forget we change the clocks this weekend!

A while ago a dear friend,  Julie from Are You Curious About Me. gave me some vintage Laura Ashley fabric. At the time i didn't know what to use it for so put it away with my stash of other fabrics. Then as i wanted to make some Hearts for the pop up shop in Chelmsford the fabric was just ideal.

To get the two tone effect of the hearts i used calico. I then used Suffolk Puffs and ribbon to finish them off.

I have enjoyed making these hearts and hope they sell at the Pop Up shop.

The Pop Up shop is run by artists of art and craft on a voluntary basis.
Craft people from the local area are invited to take their work to the shop where its put on display to be sold. The shops are vacant so its a way of helping people their craft.


  1. These are lovely. I look forward to seeing them in the shop. x

  2. Hi dear Linda, Your hearts are so pretty! I love the fabrics you used and the Suffolk Puffs. As you may know, we call them yo~yo's here in the US, but I much prefer the British name for them! The trim you used is lovely too. I am sure these will sell quickly. The Pop Up Shop sounds like a very nice place! Thank you for your visit and sweet words! You are a dear! Much love, Paula xo

  3. Hi Linda,Your hearts are so lovely,I love the fabric and the little suffolk puffs.Very Good luck with the pop up shop. Happy week Dear friend,Xxxxx

  4. and very Wonderful they look in the shop too - Thanks so much for visiting and Taking part x

  5. My old Laura Ashley pinafore looks perfect.x