Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Finished At Last !

I started making this zig zag  granny blanket around Christmas time, but as i had to fit it in with all my other craft work it has taken longer to finish than i thought. The thing is with such a large piece of crochet i find i can only manage 1 row at a time before i start getting bored.

The pattern was from an old vintage crochet magazine i had when i started crochet in the sixties

The Chaise Lounge that the blanket is displayed on was my Granny Claydon's. I think she bought it second hand years ago.

I made this one for Mia my granddaughter Now i have started another one for Darcey my other little granddaughter. I hope they will appreciate all the time and effort i put into making them.


  1. Well, they may or may not appreciate it--but I do! Lots of work there! I used to make a lot of afghans years ago...they are delightful to wrap up in! My guess is that they will love wrapping themselves in pretty afghans, too!

  2. Amazing Work !!! Well Done - Love the Zig zag pattern and colours - made me laugh about only doing one line at a time x

  3. Linda I love this it looks so nice and cuddly up in!! x J

  4. Hi Linda, you did a fab job on the blanket. I'm sure that little Mia will adore it. Thanks for writing on my blog and your delightful comments. Hopefully you live closer to your grandkids that I do, but yes, I did enjoy the visit. Have a wonderful day my bogging friend. Hugs, Chris

  5. Wow! i love it! you have inspired me to share some of my knitting on my blog.

  6. I'm sure that your little girls will love their snuggle blankets.. I know that I would.

  7. I love your blanket!!... You have chosen such lovely colours and it is so neatly crocheted too! I think a blanket like this is so much more special as a gift than one bought from a shop. I'm sure it will be loved very much :-)

    So sorry to read that you lost your hens... your chicks are looking adorable though! Hugs xxx