Sunday, 29 April 2012

May project for my U3A Photography group.

Hi everyone i hope you are all well and not too damp during these watery days we are having here in Essex. Still ! the much wanted rain has been a blessing for us gardeners as you can see by my lovely Auricular.. They are my VERY favourite flower. These were also a great  favourite of the Victorians. They liked to display them on staging to protect them from the rain as it spoilt the flowers. As you can see my staging is very primitive, but as i only have a small collection the rustic shelving suits me.

 At last months U3A photography  meeting we explored both manual and automatic setting on our cameras. At first i found it quite hard to understand, but after a while it seemed to sink in.

To see how much we had learnt we were given an assignment to do for the next meeting at the beginning of May. The assignment was to take two identical photos so i chose to take the photos of my Auriculas. The first one using the automatic setting and the second one using the manual setting.

This photo was taken on the automatic setting.
 This photo was taken on the manual setting.
I set the aperture at 4.5 and the shutter speed
at 1/200.

I don't know about you , but i can't see any difference between the settings. How ever i'm  pleased that i am able to take photos using the manual setting .


  1. Oh lovely flowers. Yes there is a difference in the two shots. On auto the flower on the left, yellow is in focus and the shadows are not sharp. Manual setting the centre flower, maroon, is in focus and the shadows are sharper. Manual one is the better shot!!! :-D xx J

  2. Thanks Joan for the positive feedback i will take it to my camera club on Thursday....xx

  3. Lovely Photos Linda - been looking at your Flikr photos too Amazing !!!