Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Another year another Spring.

Spring is my favourite time of the year...............                I just love it!!!!

These miniature daffodils are singing the song with the daffodil Fairy
 Taken from a 1973 book of the Flower Fairies in Spring by Cicely Barker. 
My seeds all in order, waiting to be sown.
Seed potatoes, chitting in my conservatory. 

  These Aurilia's have spent all the winter in my greenhouse. They are just beginning to come into flower. When they are in full bloom they look great.

I sowed these seeds a week ago in the propagator. They are now ready to be pricked out into trays.

I love old flower pots. These ones i will use to pot up my flower seedlings. The dried Fennel grows wild
in my garden.  

The crocus are a wellcome site in early spring. These ones come up every year and they never fail to
look a picture. 

Mrs Hen proudly sitting in her summer residence, Our old summer House.......

My empty greenhouse waiting for the warmer weather to grow Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers. 
  I love all the seasons, but Spring to me is the most exciting......


  1. Linda..... your photos are so wonderful...... love seeing the beginning of your garden..... I think spring may come again soon..... am hoping!

    And Mrs. Hen.... give her a hug!

    Keep taking photos to share!

  2. Beautiful! I love Spring! Happy gardening. :)

  3. I love Spring too! Always such a happy, inspiring season :-)Lovely photos. x