Saturday, 28 February 2015

Thing one and thing two .

Today was another emotional day, but this time a happy one rather than a sad one.
 Since loosing our lovely little Ruby to a tragic accident almost 3 weeks ago our home had been like a morgue, but now its filled with joy and happiness once again..

Let me introduce you to Ruben and Hetty our two new little bundles of joy. They are 8 week old Jack Russell pups and although they can never replace Ruby we will give them our undivided love and attention in return for their unconditional love.

Hetty and Ruben were from a litter of seven who came from a loving happy family in Harlow. Rebecca along with her 3 children did a great job in making sure all their needs were met, not forgetting the pups mum and dad as well.

Since their arrival Hetty and Ruben seem to have settled in well and at this present time fast asleep on the settee in the lounge. 

 Hubby with the pups 

 Becky with the pups

 Me with my two bundles of joy.
 Hetty quickly made her self at home.
 Becky with Hetty and Ruben
Happy days once again


  1. They look real cuties. So glad you all have smiles again
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Great News - Linda - Love their names xx

  3. How lovely to have a doggy presence back into the house, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. What lovely news. The pups are so beautiful.

  5. Oh, my goodness! They could not be cuter! So happy for up and your family! So sorry for your loss of your pet but very happy that the love you have will be given to these two. They are so adorable!!

  6. Hello Linda
    So pleased to see your new bundles of joy, but absolutely stunned to read the news of Ruby... As you know I have a Ruby too, and she is also 2.
    Remember though there are rabbit holes and walkies in heaven too.
    Hugs from me.
    Frances x

  7. Linda they are so cute and adorable, happy times ahead x

  8. They look lovely Linda, hope they don't pee and chew too much!!!