Monday, 29 December 2014

An unusual Christmas gift

Every fortnight i visit an elderly lady to do her hair. Her name is Audrey, she is in her late eighties and sadly time is catching up on her. She still manages keeps very positive and cheerful even though she is loosing her sight which is sad to see after leading such an active life.
  I first got to know her when i was an apprentice hairdresser back in the seventies and have been doing her hair ever since. That's 50 years in my calculation as i have just had my 65th birthday.
Over the years we have become good friends supporting one another in the good and bad times and generally putting the world to right.
On my last visit just before Christmas Audrey gave me the most unusual Christmas gift. She said she been sorting out and found this bottle of ALEXANDRE'S SHADEINE for colouring grey hair. She knew i would like it as i am a great fan of anything vintage. 
It has Great Britain stamped on it so i assume it must have been bought around the time of the first world war.
What a great Christmas present  Thanks Audrey  xxxxxxxx


  1. What a lovely vintage gift. I'm guessing that 4/6d was probably quite a bit pricey then compared to today's prices.

  2. Oh yes, 4/6d was nearly 5 bob! A small fortune. This is a lovely story, Linda and I bet Audrey is so glad to have you in her life.

  3. What an amazing gift, from what sounds a lovely lady. I visit a lady who is approaching 90 now but sadly she was registered as blind this year, she is lucky though to have a daughter who stays with her most of the time now. x

  4. Great present for you ! I like your Christmas angels !
    Best wishes to you

  5. That's fantastic! Love vintage things like that myself. What a wonderful present...and friendship!