Thursday, 18 August 2011

Easy Bunting for Mary...

 Mary, one of my followers asked me how i made the bunting that she had seen on my post. Art, Craft and Vintage Fair.........Well Mary here it is!!

The finished result....
 My August issue of Country Living magazine gave me the idea how to make the bunting.

I cut out a triangle template with all sides equal .Mine was a 9 inch triangle, but you can use whatever size you want...

As you can see i usually work well in a muddle.

I cut out 12 triangles, double thickness with one end folded to thread the string through and 2 sides cut with pinking shears. I used vintage and new material.

My grannies treasured hand Singer sewing machine was ideal for the job.....All the sides were machined approx 1/2 inch round and threaded with some string . Easy!!

To make the bunting more interesting i added some designer labels and name tapes of my children to the triangles which i thought looked good...

The finished bunting...
I really enjoyed making this bunting and have since made some more for my little granddaughters play house....Any orders please!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful - love the red cotton in the sewing machine - and of course your lovely bunting x

  2. Ooooh, I LOVE bunting, it's such fun! x

  3. Is this post for me?! Thanks for showing how to do this! So very cute.

  4. Lovely bunting! Love the name tapes and labels too, really nice addition. Thanks for the comment on my blog too :-) wish I could get some of my pattern printed then I could make into some bunting too!x

  5. What a great post, love the bunting and your little tutorial.. Best of all love the finishing touches...

  6. Lovely bunting Linda,so cute,love the colours you've used, thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog,too,it means a lot,take care,julie.xxxx

  7. Linda, love the bunting and the embellishments you are putting on each banner. The colors are another favorite of mine! Looking at "Grannie's" machine, I have a question, what is wrapped around the throat of the machine that is hiding the Singer name?

    Also read about your sewing machine find.... great FIND! The machine is awesome. I too wander who used vintage things I find or see.... don't you wish you could time travel and see the travels of these wonderful objects and the people whose hands they passed through?

    Not sure how you use a "hand" sewing machine.... is that handle on the side attached to a wheel involved with making the machine go?

    Would love to visit England someday.....

    Cheers to you!

  8. I just love your vintage sewing machine! I really must get a decent photo of mine to put on my blog to show you, they look very similar! Your bunting is delightful, I just love a bit of bunting! :)

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my recent post, we certainly seem to have a lot of common interests don't we :) I can't wait to see the crochet pot holder you are making and I am super jealous of your trip to London to the Country Living Christmas fair!!! Hope you have a fantastic time!

    Louise xx