Monday, 17 October 2016

Motor Home Quilts with a history

I have just finished these two quilts for our motor home .
 Most of the fabric i used was recycled, which included some Laura Ashley 60s curtain material  and an old duvet cover that was my sons when he was a child . He is now nearly forty.
I love the idea of making something from nothing just like they did years ago when quilts were made from used fabric which to me has a history to it.
The pattern i used for the blocks was called A Nine Patch. I pieced it together using my sewing machine and finished off by hand sewing in the ditch to bring out the pattern of the blocks.

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  1. Hello Linda. How lovely to 'see' you! Your quilts are gorgeous and that was the whole essence of quilt-making from the beginning when folks had to keep warm so used whatever they could find to piece together. Like little pieces of social history. Hope you're well.x