Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Storm clouds and rainbows

I was coming home the other day after a two hour  photography session at my monthly U3A camera club, when i saw some amazing skies. It was raining hard when i left, but as i was nearly home  the sun came out, creating the most beautiful rainbow surrounded by big fluffy rain clouds.
Luckily i had my  camera with me and took these photos. I hope you like them. 

What a magnificent sight.!!!!!!

 I count my blessings that i live in such beauty and am reminded of a children's hymn  i used to sing at Sunday school,                                                     All things bright and beautiful
                                                                All creatures great and small
                                                                All things wise and wonderful
                                                                The Lord God made them all.


  1. Gorgeous photos! You must be so happy to capture these beautiful images of nature!

  2. Beautiful photos linda x I can see your delight in these Powerful skies x

  3. Beautiful photos, Have a sweet day!

  4. Hi Linda , love your sky photos....great you were able to capture such a beautiful sky and sunset.
    Your puppy is adorable and I'm glad she is helping with your sad loss.
    Jacquie x

  5. Hello sweet Linda, What gorgeous photos! You are a gifted photographer! God's creation is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the skies you enjoyed. I love that hymn too! Much love to you! Paula xo