Friday, 28 January 2011

Looking back

 At our monthly Contemporary Craft workshop on Wednesday Julie, who is  a very talented artist/crafts person spoke about the foundling museum in London. The foundling museum tells the story of the hospital which was the first home for abandoned children. These children were often left only with the clothes they wore and sometimes a small toy or piece of cloth to remind them of their past..  ( for more information.
Julie set us all a target to represent something from our past. She gave us samples of her work to use.

This started me into thinking about what i had to show from my past, so armed with my camera i searched my house for memorabilia.
 This is a photo of me and my identical twin sister. I think i am the one on the left.

My birth certificate, identity card, school report and confirmation certificate.

 My dad made the cot for my rosebud doll and teddy. These were my special toys.

 I love these fifties books they were given to me by my gran which i treasure dearly.

Muffin the mule has only three legs . He lost one years ago, but i just couldn't throw him away. The book has several stories about Muffin.

 My old scrap book is a bit worse for wear now, but after all if must be over fifty years old

I found this picture in my scrap book which i think i painted when i was about ten. SUCH A LONG TIME AGO!!!

 I wore this mini dress in the sixties. If you look closely at the small photo you can see me in it. Crimpoline was the height of fashion then.

 My wedding dress still looks good, but sadly it doesn't fit me now like it did in 1971.

These were the tools of my trade when i left school to be an apprentice hairdresser.

 These small kid gloves belong to my dad who is the small child in the photo. I wonder if his mum would have left the gloves with him if she had abandoned him at the foundling hospital.
I can just about remember wearing this small woollen scarf I not sure how old i was then.

I consider myself very lucky to be born into a family who were able to love and cherish me. I have lovely memories and mementos of my past, but feel very sad for those children from the foundling hospital who had nothing to show for their past.


  1. what an AMAZING Post Lindy Lou - You have kept all your books and toys in such a good way - such an interesting post - - love the mini dress too !!!

  2. A nice trip down memory lane..... thanks for taking me along! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes lovely that you have all those super memories.

  4. I did enjoy your post...The exhibition at The Foundling Museum has sparked so many nostalgic and melancholy memories and thoughts....thank you. x