Friday, 6 July 2012

The day the torch came to Hatfield Peverel.

There was a lot of excitement in our village today. THE OLYMPIC TORCH came through.
Hatfield Peverel is a small village in the south east of England so it was very exciting when we heard that the Torch would be coming through.
Sadly the rain arrived, but it didn't dampen our day, we happily stood waiting for it to arrive under a sea of umbrellas. The photos are not my best, but hopefully the've capture the moment.

I would have liked to put more photos on, but blogger won't let me......


  1. Wow !!! Linda how Amazing !!! felt i was there too xx

  2. Isnt it so exciting,We were so excited when the torch passed through Cardiff. Great moment in history isnt it?
    Hope your keeping well?And have a lovely weekend,xxx

  3. Great pictures. "Once in a lifetime". Went to Brentwood today to see Torch. See my video effort on 'Blackmore Area Local History' blog.

  4. What a great moment in history and you were there!! Do another blog, x JJ