Tuesday, 17 July 2012

To Read or Not to Read, That is the question?

I expect some of you  lovely bloggers out there have heard about a trilogy of books that are the talk of the town at the moment. Well! i happened to see then in my local supermarket the other day and decided to buy them. 
As you can guess by now the books are 50 SHADES OF GREY by EL James. 
There has been several debates on the TV and in the newspapers about the contents of these books,  so being the inquisitive person i am i feel i need to read them. I THINK!!!!!! Well maybe just the first chapter then.
 I wonder how many of you out there have read these books or like me thinking about it. Love to here from you.


  1. X maybe i will read them after you xx

  2. Hi Linda

    Just started 50 shades... Well, I never..

    Speaking to a friend the other day, she said that her 'S** Life' had improved no end... Just look around at all of the smiling middle aged women.. Read on I say..He! he!

    Hope to see you soon.