Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A surprise gift from my daughter.

 This is my HUNDREDTH  Blog which i am dedicating to my  special daughter xxxxxxxxxxxxx

My lovely daughter surprised me with this Cath Kidston book. at the weekend.  Well !  i was so over come with   joy,  i cried xxxxx.  It wasn't just the book, but her thoughtfullness, love and kindness she showed towards me. I have always taught my children to be kind and considerate towards others and they have not let me down.  
As my husband has always said....... IT'S NICE TO BE IMPORTANT, BUT ITS ALSO IMPORTANT TO BE NICE.......  

Exclusive Cath Kidston designs for 30 simple patchwork. Including my favourite Suffolk Puffs.
Some of Caths lovely cotton prints with instructions to make either a bag or cushion.

These photos are just a sample of whats inside the book.

Thank you Becky ! I love you lots and lots and  I just LOVE my book.........xx


  1. Hello Linda,Congratulations on your 100th post! What a truly wonderful daughter you have,the book looks so full of great ideas,I havent bought any of the CK books yet,but this one looks like one worth getting and may well get me back into quilting~I havent done any since My classes ended a year ago :(
    Love the knitting bag at the end and what a beautiful piccie of you two :)
    Have a lovely week,lots of love Juliexxx

  2. Happy 100th Blog Linda - always a Delight to Read your posts - xxx So nice of your Daughter to get you such a lovely gift xxx

  3. What a sweet daughter. And she knows what you like. It is funny I just bought a cath Kidson cover for my phone monday. Love her prints. Does your super hero son treat you just as well? Mine is 34, father to super sam and soon to be baby girl and he is very sweet to his mama.

  4. Awww, that is lovely. Happy 100th blog post Linda. x

  5. Ooh... happy 100th blog posts!!
    I LOVE this Cath book, it's the best of all her books I think... But then I do adore patchwork :) How lovely that your daughter obviously knows you so well and is so thoughful. You must be very proud.

    Thank you for your lovely comment, you are so kind. Have a great weekend Linda,

    Louise xx

  6. Congrats on your hundredth! Lovely present & lovely daughter :)

    And your husband has great wisdom... being kind was something I drummed in to my son and I'm glad to say it stuck with him, I also droned on about how bad motorbikes are which as an ex-biker-chick is either hypocritical or passing on my wisdom!

    Thank you for being my newest follower - right back at you as I am now following you!